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How fast is your website load? That is the question I’ve been asking these days. On my computer my website is load quite fast. But my question is how about other computers or visitors from other continents? Do they having the same browsing experience with me when they visit my website?

I do some search on Google and found these “website speed test” website:


From four websites above, I like and tools. give simple test results, it gives you the file size loaded, time to load it, average time per KB and simple coloring to show slow, average or fast website speed.

While gives simple result report, gives more detailed report. Using their tools you can get these reports:

  • Global statistic – total http request send to the web server and size in bytes
  • Object size – object such as html page, images, CSS files and Javascripts
  • Download times – calculation of your website load time from several types of internet connection
  • Analysis and recommendation

Strange thing is, those tools show error or didn’t give result when I put my website URL while I’m sure and able to open my website from my computer. Guess I need to find out why as I’m afraid that international users can’t access my website.

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  1. Hello Markus,
    Did you figure out what was the error about? I have friend that said his website can’t be opened outside Indonesia. Perhaps you have solve this issue?

  2. yes.. i found what it cause. it seems that my firewall blocked their robot.

    i set my firewall to block all access which didn’t have user agent name on their header. that is why they can’t connect to my server.

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