In the Netherlands

It has been a week that I’m in the Netherlands and yet I haven’t time to update my blog. I arrived here on last Sunday afternoon. Ki was picking me up at Düsseldorf international airport. From Düsseldorf to Nuenen took around 40 minutes of traveling by car.

I was very tired, I spent the rest of the day (Sunday) and Monday to have some rest. Then on Tuesday I got sick, I got flu and cough until now. That day I must go to Roermond, where the QnAp new office located. I feel OK in the morning, but in the afternoon I start feeling so tired and I got fever. In the evening I took a nap for a couple of hours and feeling better when I woke up.

On Friday, 17 August 2007 I go to Indonesia’s Embassy in Den Haag to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. I go there together with Sri, Ferdy and Widya. A lot of Indonesian that come to the embassy that day, there are also some Dutch people that came, I think they are husband’s or wife’s of Indonesian people that live in the Netherlands. At the embassy there are a lot of booths that selling Indonesian food and also a bandstand where some singers and dancers show their performance.

On Sunday, 19 August 2007 I had bicycling time with Ferdy and Widya. We went to Asep’s house, one of Ferdy’s friends. We cycle for more than 40 minutes! I didn’t thought that Asep’s house is damn far from Nuenen :) Haven’t cycling or doing sports for many months, I’m start loosing my breath in the half way to Asep’s house hehe.. but it was very nice to have some bicycling around the neighborhood.

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