Creating /dev/random

Somehow in some Linux Centos installation the /dev/random is missing. The problem is some software needs it to working well. Here is how to create it:

Other devices might be missing to such as /dev/urandom, /dev/null and /dev/ptmx if you need those device here is how to create it:

4 thoughts on “Creating /dev/random”

  1. yes…
    $ ls -l /dev/*random
    crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 8 Feb 24 10:07 /dev/random
    crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 9 Feb 24 10:07 /dev/urandom

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the Blog. We had an obscure issue with Oracle application server running on vmware, and this reference help us resolve it. The java JCP4XDOBurstingEngine was hanging on futex_wait, and recreating the random device fixed it.

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