Upgrading Dopod 838 Windows Mobile 5 to WM6

It’s been a year I’ve own Dopod 838 PDA and I’m start to get bored with it because it’s quite old PDA. Other than that, its OS Windows Mobile 5 is very old too, so I search on the Internet to find how to upgrade its OS to Windows Mobile 6.

Note that Dopod 838 also known as HTC Wizards, I found a how to at XDA Developer’s wiki, with the article title: Wizard Windows Mobile 6 for newbies. The article in wiki gives us the step-by-step tutorial on how to flash the ROM and install the new OS.

The article didn’t give suggestion on what ROM is best to use, so I just browse the XDA forums and pick one. The one I choose is WM6 ROM by mfrazzz, which can be found here.

After upgrading the ROM I notice that my PDA is more stable, before it strangely soft resets it self randomly, but after I upgrade it, I didn’t notice any soft resets.

Note: Please do very careful when flashing your PDA’s ROM or you’ll make it an electronic junk :)

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