gOS: Good OS for Google Enthusiast

Remember the fuzz about Google launching Google OS (Operating System) spread among Google mania back a few months ago? Well, up until this post is posted, it seems that Google OS is not going to happen. Feel disappointed? Don’t be! As other Google enthusiasts is trying to make it happen!

gOS Desktop

Introducing gOS a GNU/Linux OS based on a well known Ubuntu distribution. The main goal of gOS is to provide an operating system integrated with Google services such as GMail, Google Search, Calendar, Maps, Talk, Blogger, YouTube and some other well known website or application such as Skype and Facebook.

Using Enlightment desktop, the gOS developers are creating green colored theme with Apple’s Mac OS look and feel. The desktop is very clean and simple, you can see a Google Search bar in the middle of your screen where you can type keywords and it will redirect you to the search results. The taskbar contains icons of Google services and other applications such as Firefox browser, Skype, Xine video player and Rhythm mp3 player. Basically the icons is only a link to Google websites, if you click the icons, it will launch Firefox and open the website.

You can download gOS from their website: www.thinkgos.com. gOS is distributed as a Linux Live CD so you can download it, burn it on a CD and run it without installing it first. Of course you have the option to install it on your harddisk if you really like it. The ISO file size is 536MB, which you can download using torrent or FTP via several mirrors on gOS website.

4 thoughts on “gOS: Good OS for Google Enthusiast”

  1. Waduh…baru tau aku kalo Google bikin OS sendiri…GNU based yah? kayaknya keren…
    sayangnya harus donlot 536 MB, segede itu :(
    wahhh….internet saya empot-empotan…

  2. bukan Google yang bikin, tapi pecinta Google. gOS merupakan keturunan dari Ubuntu jadi ya GNU.

    si Ridho udah copy tuh dari aku, kamu samperin dia aja :D

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