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As the buzz of Mozilla Firefox 3 goes all around the Internet, which I’m waiting it to be soon a stable version, I’m eager too to see the new release of Mozilla Thunderbird. I read the news at Cnet News that Mozilla is currently developing the next version of Thunderbird. Frankly I’m happy that there is still some news and progress about this good email client application, as Thunderbird seemed to be a stepchild of Mozilla because of all attention to its well know free browser Firefox.


Some improvement expected to be added on Thunderbird are integration of Lightning calendar add-on and tabbed email UI. Actually you can start trying the calendar add-on by downloading it and install it on Thunderbird, which I already did :) I haven’t tried it further than installing it and look around, my first impression is “this is good”. Before I was installing a calendar add-on which integrates Mozilla Sunbird (a standalone calendar application) but the integration doesn’t look as nice as Lightning does.

The tabbed UI is not new in browser application and it does well on web browser, so why not add it on email client? Instead of opening several email windows, now user can open it in tabs which will save the space on the taskbar.

Thunderbird 3 Tabs

Despite two features that I mention above, I’m still looking solution to synchronize the calendar with my Windows Mobile PDA. This sync thing I still don’t found a solution to do, that is why I’m still using Microsoft Oulook just to backup all my contacts and calendar. It would be great if Thunderbird 3 can sync calendar and contacts with Windows Mobile.

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