Yahoo!: Yahoo Always Have Other Options

With all the news on the internet about Microsoft will acquire Yahoo, I’m quite shocked. How come Yahoo can collapse? Some news site said that Yahoo can’t compete with Google on online advertising market.

Many people dislike the fact that Microsoft will buy Yahoo, I don’t really like it too. Most people concern about privacy, market domination, monopoly, etc. I think it’s true. If Microsoft does buy Yahoo, surely Microsoft will monopolize both desktop and internet as they have dominant MS Windows and Yahoo have lot users of Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail.

These days, who doesn’t use MSN Live or Yahoo Messenger? Compared with GTalk from Google, MSN Live and Yahoo Messenger combined are dominant on IM chat. Let’s think about it, Microsoft being dominant on your operating system and your internet usage. It’s not that I hate Microsoft, it’s not, but if Microsoft does dominate, it will cause “one point of failure”.

In today internet, as far as I see it, there are only 3 main players: MSN, Yahoo and Google. With all these three almost “own” the internet. Google dominate online advertising market, nowadays who didn’t use adsense and adwords? You see that even Google already dominate the Internet, why not much people complain about it?

I can’t imagine what will happen if Microsoft really bought Yahoo. The competition will be only Microsoft vs. Google. Now if one of them goes bankrupt because loosing the market, we’ll have a real monopoly in the internet.

Does anybody thinking about Yahoo being an open source company? And change its name to YNGNM (Yahoo Not Google Nor Microsoft) and staying alive? hehe..

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