Mail From Google Adsense

Yesterday I received a mail from Google Adsense Support. The mail was sent using Priority Airmail from USA, so I think this is a real one.

The mail contains details on how to get my Google Adsense payment. It also gives a PIN to activate the payment.

I login to my Google Adsense account and found out that Google make some changes on the agreement. Another thing is that now Adsense account are merged into Google Account, this will ease user in managing their login details as Google already implementing “single sign on” on their services, except YouTube as far as I know.

After I submit the PIN, Google give a message that said “Your PIN has been entered correctly and the PIN hold on your account has been removed.” I guess you can only receive payment after you confirm the PIN, which sent via postal mail to your address (which of course confirms your real address).

I guess what I need now is sit down, relax and wait my check to come :)

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