Microsoft Release IE 8 Beta

Look like Microsoft doesn’t want to lose the browser competition with Mozilla’s Firefox. After the entire buzz about the new release of Firefox 3 beta 3, Microsoft soon releases its Internet Explorer 8 Beta. Users and web developers seem give Microsoft a great push to release the new browser sooner. Further more everybody expect that the new release will comply with the web standard, ex. Acid browser test.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

From Microsoft’s website, Internet Explorer 8 Beta will have these new features:

Activities, it’s a shortcut feature to ease users to share a web page on social bookmarking such as Diig or share it to Facebook, Look for a definition of a text inside the web page and locating a location in a online map.

WebSlices, a new feature which I think have similar function like RSS, where users can subscribe to a service and receive information from it, such as MSN Weather.

Favorites Bar, is an improvement of Internet Explorer 7 Links bar. Other than links, Favorites Bar can save RSS feeds, WebSlices and Microsoft Office’s documents.

Automatic Crash Recovery, an important feature to save your opened website when IE crashed and open it automatically when you restart IE.

Improved Phishing Filter, to help users identify phishing site and keep their personal information save.

If you interested on trying the beta version you can go to this web page: Internet Explorer 8 Readiness but keep in mind that this is a beta version and still unstable, so use it for testing only.

12 thoughts on “Microsoft Release IE 8 Beta”

  1. i use IE just occasionally…(kalo lagi iseng aja)
    Firefox is my primary browser, i agree that Opera is the fastest, but Firefox has lot of extensions that u could easily free-downloaded…
    so i’m waiting for the IE 8, final release version, coz i only a user, not the tester :D

  2. yes, indeed opera is the fastest, i was opera fans back several months ago.. but then switch to firefox because I don’t like the way opera save web page files (put all images and html files on one directory).

    after using firefox, which doesn’t have default features as good as opera (i must search for plug-in for similar feature on opera), I start to get bored with firefox too.. it’s very heavy, ram eater and slow.

    i was thinking to switch again to opera as the new version does save the web page file in separate directory (which is the main reason why i switch to firefox) but then the web 2.0 is coming and opera can’t display web 2.0 websites correctly such as gmail and yahoo mail.

    now i’m waiting for the release of firefox 3 which most people said it will be faster, less memory hog and have some more features.

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