Richest Man on Earth

You may be thinking that Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft is the richest man in the world, not anymore. I read article on today and on that article, it said that Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man.

The title now goes to well known investor: Warren Buffett. With estimated $62 billion of wealth (up $10 billion from last year), Warren Buffett now tackle Bill Gates who was the richest man for consecutive 13 years!

You can see the list of rich man in here: Forbes’ World Billionaires. From the list, the youngest billionaire is Mark Zuckerberg (rank #785) the founder of Facebook. At the age of 23 years, Mark is a billionaire with net worth 1.5 billion!

These guys really made their fortune by their own work, it’s not coming from their parents or winning a lucky draw. I envy them (in the neutral emotion way) and start to plan to be a millionaire (yes millionaire, but in Indonesian Rupiah of course) by my own work, hehe..

I then check for Indonesian billionaire, I got 3 rich men from Forbes lists, they are: Michael Hartono (rank #605), R Budi Hartono (rank #605) and Peter Sondakh (rank #962). Michael Hartono and R Budi Hartono are brothers, they inherited their father’s tobacco business and expand it to be the largest brand in Indonesia and best selling clove cigarette in US, Djarum. Peter Sondakh made his fortune by him self, diversifying his business to telecoms, retails and hotels.

16 thoughts on “Richest Man on Earth”

  1. and best selling clove cigarette in US, Djarum.

    Its really brand new for me ;) thanks :)
    Anyway just wondering why theres nothing people that real to show of they real earning from making money online. Indonesia as spesific area. lolz

  2. i’ve read the article about few days ago in newspaper…and bill gates no longer the richest man on earth…
    somehow, i feel relieved with that fact, :D

  3. thx for the info :)

    $62 Billion ?? holy s**t..
    maybe i could buy this country with that money, heheheheh…
    wew…i couldn’t imagine…

  4. @Anak Medan: because internet marketer in Indonesia doesn’t yet get more than 1 billion US$ income. and i think Forbes have their own measurement to say that somebody is a billionaire

    @Anton Ashardi: I don’t get it, why you relieved when Bill Gates is not the richest man in the world? he still have US$ 60 billion :p

    @Panda: I don’t think he can as 90% of the $62 billion will be corrupted by the mafia (you know who they are) :))

  5. [Comment ID #400 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ga gitu juga lagi. Banyak kok hal-hal yang ga berpengaruh langsung pada diri seseorang yang perlu di simak dan diketahui.

    Enw,bill gates masih bakal tetep banyak duit buat tujuh turunan walo udah dipecat kayaknya…

  6. [Comment ID #401 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yup.. for example charity, like Ridu asked about the 3 Indonesian Billionaire. Bill Gates have his own charity foundation as far as I know.

    and Ridu, to donate something doesn’t need to be publicly announced right.. maybe they do social thing differently.

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