Xen Debian VPS Problem With nash-hotplug Using 100% CPU Resource

Recently I setup a Debian 4.0 VPS using xen image from jailtime.org, once the VM running I noticed that the load goes 1.0 all the time which make the VM very slow. From top command you’ll see the nash-hotplug process is the cause.

First you can kill it by execute the ‘kill -9 <process id>’ command (without the quotes), where <process id> is the process id of nash-hotplug. Then to automate killing the nash process every time you reboot the VPS run these commands:

Add these on that file, then save it:

Then run these commands:

Notice that there is a ‘.’ (dot) on ‘update-rc.d local start 98 2 3 4 5 .’ command, it’s not a typo! But part of the command.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! this article is a lot helpful to others. Hope that they will not encounter this and if else, use this tip. ;) Happy Holidays!

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