Firefox 3 Auto Complete URL Bar

I just noticed yesterday that Firefox will do auto complete of URL you type if you already visited that URL before. For example you open yesterday and the URL is stored on Firefox’s history. The next time you want to visit the same URL, you only need to type ‘markus’ and Firefox will show list of URL which have the word ‘markus’ in it. Press ‘TAB’ button and Firefox will do auto complete of URL which is on the first of the list.

4 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Auto Complete URL Bar”

  1. yup… i have try it and great!
    anyway, i have wondering why indonesia people just download firefox 3 less than 500K.(*i thing you know about download day) But some nude site in blogspot have reach more than 100K in UV. LOL

  2. i just noticed that IE 7 have this feature too, so I think it’s not a new feature at all.. I’m just too late to know about it.. I guess it’s because we are so used to use mouse in Windows environment.

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