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Two days ago I had a chat with my friend (and also my mentor in software engineering) Ruud Mulder. On the chat we discuss several subjects and one of it is “Coffee”, an interesting topic for both of us :) then the topic went to “I’ll make you jealous because I have an Espresso coffee maker at my house” as Ruud told me that he have an Espresso coffee maker at his house so he can make a “real espresso” that taste better than the coffee that made by the coffee machine at his office.

As most Indonesian doesn’t have coffee maker, so what we do is just pour coffee on a cup and add boiling water on it, add sugar or milk, stir it, then wait for a moment (a bit long moment) to wait for the residue to fall down on the cup’s bottom and try to not drink it when you drink the coffee, which mostly you did drink the residue :( yeah I know Ruud, that is awful :p that is why i drink Nescafe which.. yes.. doesn’t taste as good as the non-instant coffee.

So, in the spirit of getting a better, tastier and coffee without residue, last night I went to Taman Anggrek mall to buy a coffee presser (just know the name after i see the product again). I know about the coffee presser quite a long time ago, but I didn’t have the need to buy it as at that time I’m going to the Netherland which the office where I work is having a coffee maker.

The coffee presser is a kitchenware that basicly is a pots (like teapot) with a presser where on the head of the presser is a filter. So the use of the presser is to push and hold the coffee residue on the bottom of the pot.

At first i go to Metro Department store, I saw the coffee kitchenware for the first time there. What a shock! the price of a coffee presser is around Rp. 800.000,- per item, the small and cheapest I can get is around Rp. 300.000,- per item. The smallest one can only make a coffee for a teacup size cup, so it’s very little for me, I need at least a mug of coffee, so I didn’t need to make coffee several times if I want more. The coffee presser brand is Bodum, the one I saw at Metro Dept. is like this:

That one on the right image cost around Rp. 800.000,- on Metro Dept. that is more expensive than a coffee maker (of course the cheap coffee maker). As comparison I can get a cheap coffee maker (the small one for 4 cups) for around Rp. 400.000,- so I cancel my plan to buy the coffee presser as it’s too expensive.

Feeling disappointed, desperate I went to Starbucks the coffee shop where you can find better coffee at the ridiculous expensive price. Not to buy a coffee there but look around on the mug cabinet and hey.. I saw a coffee presser there. It’s made by Bodum too but it’s already re-branded by Starbucks, it looks like this:

On the left is the original Travel Press from Bodum, but the one I bought at Starbucks doesn’t have the children image and it have Starbucks logo. It cost me Rp. 175.000,- which I consider worth of the money. The Travel Press can keep the coffee warm for around two hours and it’s made to be easy to carry on.

I just tried to make a mug of coffee this morning using my travel press and the result is satisfying me. The residue from the coffee powder can be hold on the bottom of the travel press, I still see some residue on my mug when I move the coffee to the mug, but it’s not much.

Now I can make a tasteful coffee without residue and happy as I can bring my travel press anywhere I go to :)

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