Is it Time to Move to Linux?

Recently I’m installing Linux Ubuntu on a PC and quite impressed with their developments. Linux Ubuntu becoming more and more user friendly for me (although for average PC users will still quite difficult to use Linux).

With my current needs of computing and work which is almost all of it is web based, such as chat with my abroad collegues, checking emails, social networking, blogging, web administration, server administration, etc. I started to feel that the need of Microsoft Windows is less demanding.

Last time my job was a Microsoft .NET developer which gave me no option except using Microsoft Windows as operating system. But right now I’m working on education or e-learning that use web based applications, so I doesn’t really need MS Windows.

I’m not saying that MS Windows is a bad OS, actually it’s a good OS. I don’t know why the open source community bashing so much on MS Windows, yes indeed it’s closed source and pricey but the fact is MS Windows is the most user friendly OS that you can find, especially Windows XP. Until Linux can give a persistence, user friendly, easy to navigate, have a common GUI for all applications then I can’t say Linux is better than Windows XP.

A reason to move to Linux is to reduce the use of pirated softwares by looking for equal open source softwares that match the most applications that is used in Windows. Most application I used are web browser, email client, instant messaging, word editor and graphic editor.

For web browser I already use open source Firefox, and for email client I use Thunderbird. For word editor I can use OpenOffice and graphic editor i can use GIMP. My only problem that hold me from migrating is instant messaging, I do use a lot of Yahoo Messenger which is only available on Windows and Mac. There is the web based version but it doesn’t have full feature of the windows application.

I search on Google and found that actually there is Yahoo Messenger for Unix, but it’s an outdated application and haven’t be updated for years :( too bad.. The next thing I was done is trying to run YM on WINE the Windows Emulator for Linux and it turns out that YM can’t work on WINE.

So until I can find a way to run YM on Linux or Yahoo start updating their chat software to have Linux version or WINE developers works on making YM can be run on Linux, I think I’ll stick to Windows XP for the time being.

8 thoughts on “Is it Time to Move to Linux?”

  1. AFAIK kopete only supports video in Yahoo and only voice in MSN but very decent IM! so tell your friends to use linux skype to use voice and cam.

  2. I’m using ubuntu for more than 4 years now. One thing thats truly lacking with ubuntu is Yahoo messenger. It’s a part of every internet user’s to be able to login in to it whenever they are online. Pidgin and Kopete is a good alternative but still nothing beats the real thing. I hope that all of use Linux user will work together to force, demand and push yahoo to update YM version for linux. But for the mean time I’m appealing to all Guru’s to get this YM wok with linux using wine.

    This is one of the reason’s why I’m using Windows XP… :-(

  3. You are kidding me right? Your selection of a whole operating system is based on a messenger program?? LOLOL.

    And also, for the tasks you described (web browsing, email, office utilities, shall I add multimedia) Linux is as friendly as win is.

  4. apparently, yes :)

    while ubuntu is the most user friendly linux that i ever use (and i actually like it) but the lack of hardware manufacturer support cause that linux can’t use the most feature of most hardware.

    i installed ubuntu 64-bit and love it as it can utilize 6GB of RAM that i have, but then i realized that the microphone doesn’t work, tried to search on google on how to make it work, it took me hours of searching and trying until i gave up.

    linux is lacking on the simplicity, say you have webcam or soundcard (not the onboard one) it’s difficult to install it or if it’s working, its not using the most capability of the hardware as AFAIK the driver for soundcard is a generic driver.

    for decent users, then linux is just working fine and you can forget that guilty feeling on using pirated software :)

    however, about yahoo messenger, there is a solution for that. I’m using Meebo, a web based messenger and combine it with Mozilla Prism, you get a hybrid web-desktop based chat application, which working like charm :)

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