Installing Gnome and VNC Remote Desktop on Centos VPS

After writing a how-to on installing Gnome and VNC server on Ubuntu Linux, this time I blog on the same tutorial but now I use Centos 5.3 Linux.

It’s almost similar with Ubuntu, but on Centos we use YUM instead of apt-get command. Both package managers have its own fans, nevertheless both yum and apt-get deliver an easy to use package installer.

To read the how-to please go to: as I write it for Talk Web ID. If you like the tutorial or have questions, please write on the comment box.

19 thoughts on “Installing Gnome and VNC Remote Desktop on Centos VPS”

      1. did you run ‘vncpasswd’ command as ‘vncuser’ account?

        after creating the ‘vncuser’ account you have to login as ‘vncuser’ by execute command:

        su – vncuser

        then run ‘vncpasswd’

        it should create the /home/vncuser/.vnc directory

  1. hey it works now .. thanks Markus!

    Do you have a tutorial for installing and using winrar in centos?
    i keep getting glibc 2.7 error

  2. hi markus ,
    thanks for tutorial but its not working…getting error….

    everything seems fine..till ls /home/vncuser/.vnc …
    but i write ls /home/vncuser/.vnc
    i get a error messge “.vnc no such file or directory” ….i have tried all steps clearly(two times)….expecting your response as quickly as possible….

  3. Hi Markus! I’m having problems with step “5. Edit the default xstartup script to run Gnome desktop.” when I’m finishing step 4 inserting “ls /home/vncuser/.vnc” I get



    Should it be like this? Please help! Thanks!

  4. I’ve got a bit of trouble.

    When I do ls .vnc/
    the second time it only returns ‘passwd’.

    Also, how do I edit that file strictly from the ssh cmd line?

    Sorry I’m a bit of a newbie :(..

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