Installing VNC Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Linux VPS

I have a linux Ubuntu 8.10 VPS that I would like to have GUI and use it as remote desktop pc just like what we can do with Windows XP. Here are the steps that I run.

1. Most of the VPS that delivered by VPS hosting provider is minimal setup of linux, it means that most of the time it only have SSH server installed and the other services such as HTTP server, FTP server, Mail server must be installed by our self. The default setup of VPS linux also doesn’t have window manager (GUI) hence we must install it first:

2. Configure the Gnome Desktop Manager and XServer

3. After we installed a window manager, next step is to install the remote desktop server, for linux we use TightVNC

4. Next we need to configure the remote desktop server and create a password to access the VPS via its GUI. This command will start the server, you will be asked for a password, this password will be used as authentication when you connect to the VPS, make sure you have a strong password.

5. Now, if you execute command

You should see an Xtightvnc process:

Xtightvnc :1 -desktop X –auth

This means the setting is OK and VNC server is running fine.

6. The default VNC server doesn’t use Gnome window manager as default, to run Gnome as default we must do some changes on the configuration file.

Comment “x-window-manager” and add this on the end of file:

gnome-session &

so it will look like this:

7. Next, do a reboot. Usually a reboot is not needed, but just to make sure you can do it.

8. Start the VNC server:

9. Download Tight VNC client here:

10. After you install it, run the VNC client and insert your VPS IP address and VNC server number on the VNC Server field and click on “Connect”. In this tutorial the VNC server number is :1, so you must fill in :1

VNC client login

You will be asked for a password to access the remote desktop, this password is the one you set on step 4.

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  1. root@vpsXXXXX~# sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start
    /etc/init.d/gdm: 79: /etc/init.d/gdm: Syntax error: “fi” unexpected (expecting “}”)

    so wahat’s now?

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