Squid for Windows Server Tutorial

A short review of articles about installing open source Squid proxy server on Windows Server that I wrote some time ago.

I wrote 2 articles, one explaining on how to install Squid NT (the Windows version of a well known Linux based Squid proxy server) and the other explain about how to configure it into transparent proxy.

Installing Squid Cache for Windows

Linux users mostly already know Squid proxy server as the best and most used proxy server. As on my previous post “Bandwidth Shaping Using Squid Cache and WIPFW” I need a free proxy server for my windows server. I found SquidNT which is ported from its Linux version by Guido Serassio. Click here for full article

Squid Transparent Proxy Server on Windows Server 2003

In this article I’ll talk on how to setup a transparent proxy on Windows Server 2003 using Squid NT. Squid NT is a port from Linux base proxy server called Squid. I have successfully installed and configured Squid transparent proxy on Windows Server and here is how I do it. Click here for full article

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