KillSwitch .Net Software Protection

As software developers we want to make sure our client do pay our works. Most of the time the payment for a project is split into several phases, in the beginning, in middle or testing phase and on end of the project or delivery, with the big percentage of payment is received on the end of the project.

Sometimes client are late on payment or even worst they doesn’t pay at all. What you can do if you already deliver the software and they have it working fine? Buying encryption software might be not a solution for a freelancer or small developer as they cost thousands of dollars.

KillSwitch GUI
KillSwitch GUI

In this case, KillSwitch from XHEO might help us freelancers and small software developers. KillSwitch lets you add a kill date or use restriction to projects that you deliver. Then permanently unlock the project after payment. It’s free for personal and commercial use.

KillSwitch generates a custom license using the Time, Use and Publisher limits and generates a custom assembly to enforce the license. Your code makes calls to this assembly. If the limits have expired an exception is raised and the application is shut down. When you generate the release assembly, these limits are removed.

You can download it here:

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