HyperVM Xen Installation

HyperVM installation consists of downloading either the hypervminstall-master.sh or hypervminstall-slave.sh from download.lxlabs.com and executing them as root. They will download all the required files and do the complete installation on their own. You will need to disable selinux. edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux and then run setenforce 0.

Before you start to install there are several things need to be prepared:

  • Make sure that you open the ports 8888 and 8887 in the firewall.
  • The boot loader must be GRUB.
  • There must be a separate /boot partition. You can assign it 200MB.
  • You should use LVM.The recommended disk configuration is:/boot /dev/hda1 (500MB)
    / /dev/mapper/vol00-root (8GB)
    swap /dev/mapper/vol00-swap (1GB)

Installation commands to execute:

  1. setenforce 0
  2. wget http://download.lxlabs.com/download/hypervm/production/hypervminstall-master.sh
  3. sh ./hypervminstall-master.sh –virtualization-type=xen

After installation finished, you need to modify your /etc/grub.conf file so Linux will boot with xen kernel, most of the time you’ll need to change the ‘default=1’ to ‘default=0’, and reboot the machine. Remember that the ordering on Linux is always started with 0 and the kernel you have to boot will always contain ‘xen’ in its naming.

Once the machine boots back, just make sure you have the Xen kernel by doing a ‘uname -a’, and after that you can connect to ‘http://machine-name:8888’, and you will be presented with a login screen – the password would be ‘admin’. Once you login, HyperVM will explicitly force you to change the password to something other than ‘admin’.

Note: On fedora 6/centos 5, you will need to run the following commands for xen to work properly:


cd /usr/local/lxlabs/hypervm/httpdocs/

lphp.exe ../bin/misc/fixfc6xen.php


cd /usr/local/lxlabs/hypervm/httpdocs/

lphp.exe ../bin/misc/fixcentos5xen.php

Note 2: If you update the kernel at any point later, you will have to run the above commands again

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