HTC Desire HD Proximity Problem and How to Fix it

Just had my HTC Desire HD (or shortened as DHD) for a few months now, been happy using it but then I start to notice a problem with its proximity sensor.

Symptom: when making a short phone call the screen is dimmed and stays so for several minutes, this causes more battery usage. The bigger problem is when I make a long phone call, the screen went turned off after some period and didn’t come back on when I move away the phone from my face (while it should).

After asking on XDA Developer it turn out that my DHD is having problem with wrong setting on its proximity sensor. What should happen when making call is that the screen will turn off (not dimmed) and will turn back on when the phone is moved away from user’s face.

Solution is to recalibrate the proximity sensor’s settings, this by default there is no way to setting it as it should have been setup automatically. Fortunately leppie wrote a program to recalibrate proximity sensor which can be downloaded here: [APP] DHD Proximity Sensor Recalibrator 1.4 (14-Mar-11)

I set my DHD with Low Threshold to 10 and High Threshold to 11, after that proximity sensor seems to work properly, screen went off once I put DHD close to my face and went back on if I move it away from my face.

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  1. unfortunately this small app is no longer working after I got OTA update from HTC which upgrade the OS to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and what make it worse is that the problem still persist after the update :(

      1. I ended up send my phone to HTC for fix. the service is quite nice here in the Netherland as they pick up your phone and send it back after they finish servicing it. on the service report it stated that they changed the motherboard of my HTC Desire HD. the proximity sensor is working fine after service.

        but i’m a bit disappointed as i found some dent on my phone which cause the paint peeled off also the plastic on the LED part a bit bump out (seems like not properly re-assembled) but all for all I’m happy that the sensor is fixed :)

  2. I have just fixed my proximity sensor issue. The blowing and hoovering technique worked for a few moments which led me to realise that there was dust and dirt obstructing the sensor. I watched the ‘how to dissasemble HTC Desire HD’ video on youtube and once I had the case off I could see the problem! The whole of the area under the speaker grill was absolutly covered in dust and dirt! I’m suprised I could still hear anything through the speaker let alone the proximity sensor working! I carefully cleaned the whole area and while I was there I removed, cleaned and reatached the speaker too. Put it back together and presto problem solved! Obviously taking the cover off your phone will invalidate your warenty but if you’ve had your phone for a while anyway its probably out of warranty anyway. This was easier than it sounds as all your doing is taking the aluminium case off and as long as you follow the instuctions on the youtube video, your sorted.

  3. i have a HTC Desire 616 handset and i found that proximity sensor not working . while making a call the screen working automatic and misbehave.

    please reply how can i turn on it.

    Anuj K

  4. I own htc desire 616.whenever i place or receive a call the light goes off for a second and again comes back. Is this the problem with the sensor?

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