Solving WordPress Blank Visual Editor After Upgrade

After upgrading WordPress from 3.3 to 3.4 my WP installation is having problem with the visual editor. The visual editor’s icons didn’t shows up and it got stuck on HTML mode. The Visual and HTML becomes disabled (clicking it doesn’t do anything). When I try to edit an existing post, the text color are white which of course making it unreadable because the text area background color is also white.

Searching Google giving me results which doesn’t solve the problem. Some of the suggestions are to disable all plugins, switch to default theme, then check if the editor if it works, it doesn’t.

I end up re-upload the WordPress files from 3.4 installation package and after that visual WYSIWYG editor works again. The problem was there are some files of TinyMCE where deleted. Re-uploading the directory “wordpress\wp-includes\js\tinymce” solved this problem.

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