Add More Tiles on Firefox’s New Tab Page

By default Firefox only have 9 tiles on its new tab page, say we want more tiles on it we have to edit manually the configuration by typing about:config on the address bar.


You’ll then get the “This might void your warranty warning“, click on “I’ll be careful I promise” button to continue (and you should be really careful as wrong edit might break your Firefox)


Now search for “newtab” on the search bar and look for browser.newtabpage.columns and browser.newtabpage.rows, double click on it to modify its value and then click OK.


After editing the config, you should now get more tiles on your new tab page.


One thought on “Add More Tiles on Firefox’s New Tab Page”

  1. Thank you.

    Is there a way to add tiles in in order to pin – I use firefox in private mode permanently, so currently I have to mess around to get the sites I want. (once pinned, I delete the rest)

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