Asus Smart Gesture Not Working After Sleep Mode on Windows 8

Recently i started to use the sleep mode often as i’m more and more working with my Asus UX32VD ultrabook. What i liked from sleep mode is i can left open the windows applications that i’m working with and continue later with it still opened, so i can quickly continue my work.

However i began noticing that randomly the touch pad of my ultrabook start to be activated although i already set it to be automatically disabled when i attach my bluetooth mouse.

When it does activated, strangely i can’t do scrolling with two fingers gesture or scrolling on the side of the touch pad. Wanting for quick solution of course i’ll just restart my ultrabook and the touchpad will work again. But then it happens quite often if i set my ultrabook on sleep mode again and again, which quite annoying.

After some times i noticed that when the problem happens i didn’t see the touchpad icon on my notification bar. Although i did saw Asus Smart Gesture Center on my running application on the Task Manager, but it seems to be hang, see below:

Asus Smart Gesture Center

The solution is to “end task” the Asus Smart Gesture Center and it will automatically restarted, afterwards the touch pad will work normally again. You’ll also see the touch pad icon again on the notification bar.

4 thoughts on “Asus Smart Gesture Not Working After Sleep Mode on Windows 8”

  1. Hello Markus,

    I have noticed this trouble too and one of my best solutions is :
    Press Fn + F9 to cancel the pad before going in sleep mode.

    After each restart I have always got the Asus Smart Gesture Icon in the task bar, it always restart ;) then you just repeat Fn+F9 to activate the pad


  2. I had the same problem and as I was tired with this end task/ reload TP Center I decided to write my own batch script and it worked. This is the source code to my simple script
    Btw I tried to update the ATK driver and the SmartGesture as the ASUS guide proposes but it didn’t worked for me… so enjoy the script if it’s doing the job for you :)

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