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HDD Guardian S.M.A.R.T software for Windows

So I was looking for smartmontools for Windows to do HDD check on my harddisk which seems to start failing. On smartmontools‘ website I see a news that there is a project called HDD guardian that make GUI for smartctl command for Windows.

From HDD guardian website, it seems that it have complete feature that I’m looking for so I download it and test it.

HDD Guardian
Running an extended self-test

It’s easy to use and giving lots of information regarding my HDD health status. Unfortunately for me, my HDD has some error so I have to start making backup of my data before it fail completely.

Changing Nginx Server Name on its HTTP Header

Nginx by default showing its name and also its version depending the configuration.

To change this name we have to edit the source file and recompile Nginx.

Open the file: <nginx source>/src/http/ngx_http_header_filter_module.c

Look for line 49:

and change it to:

Now you need to compile Nginx and restart it to make the changes take effect.

Searching text on multiple files in Linux

To search for certain text inside multiple files in Linux we can use ‘grep’ command, here is how i do it:

So for example you want to find all .php and .conf files inside the directory “config” that contain the word “mysql” the command should look like this:


Disable Munin Without Uninstalling It on Cpanel Server

For some reason I want to disable Munin on my Cpanel server but without uninstalling it since I have made some changes which I don’t want to lose by uninstalling Munin.

Disable Munin service

So I start with disabling Munin service by running command:

Next, disable Munin from running on startup:

┬áDisable Munin’s Cron

Although the service has been disabled but there is a cron that runs every 5 minutes to do updates. This cron can be disabled by editing cron for user munin:

And then edit the cron line by adding “#” in front of the cron line to disable it

Save the changes and that’s it. Whenever I want to re-activate Munin I just reverse the changes that have been done above.

Asus Smart Gesture Not Working After Sleep Mode on Windows 8

Recently i started to use the sleep mode often as i’m more and more working with my Asus UX32VD ultrabook. What i liked from sleep mode is i can left open the windows applications that i’m working with and continue later with it still opened, so i can quickly continue my work.

However i began noticing that randomly the touch pad of my ultrabook start to be activated although i already set it to be automatically disabled when i attach my bluetooth mouse.

When it does activated, strangely i can’t do scrolling with two fingers gesture or scrolling on the side of the touch pad. Wanting for quick solution of course i’ll just restart my ultrabook and the touchpad will work again. But then it happens quite often if i set my ultrabook on sleep mode again and again, which quite annoying.

After some times i noticed that when the problem happens i didn’t see the touchpad icon on my notification bar. Although i did saw Asus Smart Gesture Center on my running application on the Task Manager, but it seems to be hang, see below:

Asus Smart Gesture Center

The solution is to “end task” the Asus Smart Gesture Center and it will automatically restarted, afterwards the touch pad will work normally again. You’ll also see the touch pad icon again on the notification bar.

Virtualbox VT-x is not available error after upgrade to 4.3.4

I just upgraded my Virtualbox from 4.2.18 to 4.3.4 on my Windows 7 host, upgrade went smooth and without problem.

When i tried to start virtual machines i got VT-x is not available. (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX) error on all of my VMs.

My PC’s processor doesn’t have VT-x hence the “Acceleration” tab on VM’s Settings > System is greyed out so there is no way i can change it from GUI. Virtualbox does run well on version 4.2.8 so i find it strange that 4.3.4 give error that VT-x is not available.

To fix this i had to run commands from command prompt:

Change <vmname> with the name of your VMs from the list in Virtualbox.

Add More Tiles on Firefox’s New Tab Page

By default Firefox only have 9 tiles on its new tab page, say we want more tiles on it we have to edit manually the configuration by typing about:config on the address bar.


You’ll then get the “This might void your warranty warning“, click on “I’ll be careful I promise” button to continue (and you should be really careful as wrong edit might break your Firefox)

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