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Searching text on multiple files in Linux

To search for certain text inside multiple files in Linux we can use ‘grep’ command, here is how i do it:

So for example you want to find all .php and .conf files inside the directory “config” that contain the word “mysql” the command should look like this:


Fix: That Account Has Already Been Added Error on Android HTC Desire HD

After updating my HTC Desire HD to HTC Sense 3.0 I can’t login anymore to Twitter app 2.1.2 with error message “That account has already been added”. I tried to update the Twitter app to version 3.0.0 but still got the same problem.

A quick Google search found a page on Twitter help center that mentioning a known bug/issue with the same error message as I got. Following the suggestion I uninstalled the update version 3.0.0 and restart my device, alas it doesn’t fix it. I’m stuck with Twitter version 2.1.2 and can’t uninstall it as it’s embedded on HTC sense.

Then I tried to login using another Twitter account which I didn’t added yet to my phone and it works, I can login. It turn out that the problem was on “Accounts & sync” settings, the Twitter sync setting had a problem with login, so the steps that I take to fix it:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts & sync
2. Tap on the Twitter account
3. Tap on Remove account
4. Go to Twitter app and try login again

Those steps should fix the problem and you don’t need to reboot your phone.

High Capacity 2430mAh for HTC Desire HD is Fake

I have HTC Desire HD Android smartphone which is a great phone, I really love its big screen which make working with it is easy and pleasant. However, the big screen also have its negative impact to battery life. The original battery from HTC only have 1230mAh which hardly last for 1 day on normal usage. My normal usage would be: short phone calls, SMS, automatic email checking, chatting and play scrabble.

Last month I browsed eBay to look for a spare battery and found some seller sold 2430mAh high capacity battery for HTC Desire HD. By the number it should double the life battery expectancy. Interested, I bought one of them from a Hongkong seller. The Delivery was fast, it took 7 working days to arrive in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately the battery doesn’t deliver as I expect it would. The battery life is only 1 day, same with the original battery. But for US$ 10 with free shipping I wouldn’t complaint, I was pessimistic when bought it but decide to buy it anyway. Well.. at least I have spare battery now :)

HTC Desire HD Proximity Problem and How to Fix it

Just had my HTC Desire HD (or shortened as DHD) for a few months now, been happy using it but then I start to notice a problem with its proximity sensor.

Symptom: when making a short phone call the screen is dimmed and stays so for several minutes, this causes more battery usage. The bigger problem is when I make a long phone call, the screen went turned off after some period and didn’t come back on when I move away the phone from my face (while it should).

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HTC Touch HD Freezes and Crashed

Just experienced for the first time, my HTC Touch HD is crashed. The screen showing checkered boxes (black and white) and the phone is not responding when I tried to hard shutdown by press and holding the power button for several seconds.

I end up taking out the battery, wait a couple of seconds and then put it back and turn on the PDA phone. Touch HD works fine after the reboot, although it’s very strange that the phone is crashing right after I ended a phone call.

Audio Cassette Art

Got unused or broken audio cassette tape? don’t throw it away, instead use your art sense and make an audio cassette art like Von Glitschka did with his old audio cassette tape.

If you use your imagination and creativity, something that is old and no longer being used like this one:

Audio Cassettes

Becoming a nice and artistic piece of arts:

Cassette Art

Want to make one for your self? go to Von’s blog here

Long Time Not Blogging

It’s been quite some time that I haven’t post anything new in my blog, this is due to my work and i haven’t had time to spent to write some thing that i consider as worth the time to write about it. You know that blogging take a lot of time, especially if you want to make a good post.

People knows that blogging takes time, that is why more and more people moved to twitter and plurk for example, where you can post something within 1 paragraph or even 1 sentence. I haven’t create twitter or plurk account my self as i don’t want to spend more time on updating it.

I’m rather start to reduce my time browsing the internet, blogging, chatting, etc. as i start to feel that i takes too much time using the internet, somehow i feel that it’s not productive. How about you? do you find your self addicted to blog, twitter, facebook, etc. ?