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Is it Time to Move to Linux?

Recently I’m installing Linux Ubuntu on a PC and quite impressed with their developments. Linux Ubuntu becoming more and more user friendly for me (although for average PC users will still quite difficult to use Linux).

With my current needs of computing and work which is almost all of it is web based, such as chat with my abroad collegues, checking emails, social networking, blogging, web administration, server administration, etc. I started to feel that the need of Microsoft Windows is less demanding. Continue reading Is it Time to Move to Linux?

Travel Coffee Presser

Two days ago I had a chat with my friend (and also my mentor in software engineering) Ruud Mulder. On the chat we discuss several subjects and one of it is “Coffee”, an interesting topic for both of us :) then the topic went to “I’ll make you jealous because I have an Espresso coffee maker at my house” as Ruud told me that he have an Espresso coffee maker at his house so he can make a “real espresso” that taste better than the coffee that made by the coffee machine at his office. Continue reading Travel Coffee Presser

Xen VPS can’t initialize iptables table ‘filter’

If you using HyperVM and get this error message after upgrading your dom0’s Xen kernel:

It means that the library for the kernel is not copied yet to the VM. To fix this simply copy the new kernel library from /lib/modules/<new kernel> to VM’s /lib/modules directory then restart the VM.

New Forum: Talk Web ID

Recently I installed a new forum called Talk Web ID, you can visit it here: The topics of my new forum is IT for now, but I’ll expand it to be more general in the future. If you like to share or just chat about a topic please join my forum and post a new thread :) The forum is in Indonesian though.

If you have suggestions please post comment here or directly to the forum. I’ll see you on the forum, thanks

Richest Man on Earth

You may be thinking that Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft is the richest man in the world, not anymore. I read article on today and on that article, it said that Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man.

The title now goes to well known investor: Warren Buffett. With estimated $62 billion of wealth (up $10 billion from last year), Warren Buffett now tackle Bill Gates who was the richest man for consecutive 13 years!

Continue reading Richest Man on Earth

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008! Wishing you and me has a fantastic, happy, healthy, wealthy new year 2008!

It’s been a while that I’m not updating my story on this blog, mainly because I’m quite busy with my job and had no exciting story to tell about.

After being in the Netherlands for around 2,5 months, I went back to Indonesia on October 2007 and stay for a while before I go to Malaysia to work on an e-learning project there.

Bought New Philips Headset

I just bought new headset, it’s a Philips SHM6100. I try it directly after arrived at my office. It has a good sound quality and enough bass power for my favorite Jazz songs. The headset has a microphone too, it’s good enough for Yahoo voice call.

Here are the pictures:
Philips HeadsetPhilips Headset

In this electronics age, we now have home theater systems in place of plain old TVs and old printers, namely computer printers have now been replaced by old wireless computer printer. The digital cameras have decreased the value of conventional ones.