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Setting Nokia 2115i as Modem

I bought Nokia 2115i several months ago. I bought it because I want to use Fren as my mobile phone service provider. Fren currently have a promotion of cheap phone call between Fren users, it cost me around Rp. 1.400/hour which is very cheap.

Another benefit of using Fren is I can access Internet for Rp. 5/KB, which is the cheapest price for volume based Internet connection compared with other mobile phone service provider.

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Opera 9.02

I download Opera browser version 9.02 two days ago and have time to install it yesterday. From a quick glance, there is not much different between this version and the previous version Opera 9.01 in the features side.

The main difference that I notice is that Opera 9.02 now fully supports Yahoo Mail Beta and GMail. Although user experience when using Yahoo Mail Beta is still not satisfying. Opera run very slow when opening Yahoo Mail Beta and sometimes clicking on buttons inside the Yahoo Mail Beta doesn’t work or work very slow. Looks like Yahoo Mail Beta is too heavy to be opened. GMail works well now in Opera 9.02 this is what I like :)

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Stream Ripper As Winamp Plug-in

On my previous post I write about Stream Ripper 32, standalone streaming ripping software. On this post I’ll write about Stream Ripper as Winamp plug-in.

SR as Winamp plug-in has the same feature with the standalone version but I think it’s easier in using it. The installation is easy, not much you need to setup. SR will integrate with Winamp seamlessly.

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