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This is My story.. A journey to Netherland

In the Netherlands

It has been a week that I’m in the Netherlands and yet I haven’t time to update my blog. I arrived here on last Sunday afternoon. Ki was picking me up at Düsseldorf international airport. From Düsseldorf to Nuenen took around 40 minutes of traveling by car.

I was very tired, I spent the rest of the day (Sunday) and Monday to have some rest. Then on Tuesday I got sick, I got flu and cough until now. That day I must go to Roermond, where the QnAp new office located. I feel OK in the morning, but in the afternoon I start feeling so tired and I got fever. In the evening I took a nap for a couple of hours and feeling better when I woke up.
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Netherlands Here I Come!

It has been more than one year ago since my last post on this category, it was because I already went back to Indonesia. But now I’ll start to post on this category as I’ll leave for the Netherlands tomorrow night.

After waiting for more than 3 weeks for visa – yes, 3 weeks! – I got my visa on last Thursday. I had problem with the embassy that asking for too much legal documents. It’s very different with last year. Last year it was very easy to get the visa and it only need 1 week for the embassy to issue my visa. I think it’s because I’m applying the visa together with 2 of my colleagues, so there are 3 people applying on the same time with the same inviter.
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The End of Journey

This is the closing post of My journey to Netherland. I arrived at Indonesia on 27 April 2006, stay one night in Jakarta and then go back to My hometown Jogjakarta. I stay in Jogjakarta for 5 days and return to Jakarta on 2 May 2006.

When I was in Jogjakarta I get frustated with dial-up Internet connection in My home, it’s so damn slow! I can’t download My emails, that’s why I’m not update My blog until now :D. But I enjoy My stay in Jogjakarta, I visit the newest and biggest shopping mall in Jogjakarta. Not all shops open yet, but visitors already coming to the mall.

Below is the cronological of My trip going back to Indonesia, the date and time maybe not too accurate as I got a littlebit confused with the time difference. All time below are in Nederland time.

25 April

11.00 Leaving QnAp Office
Just saying good bye to all QnAp iT members. Ruud Mulder come to the office and bring 3 boxes of chocolate and 2 stroopwafels – additional stroopwafels for QnAp Asia :) I also bought 4 stroopwafels – I don’t know why but guys and gals in QnAp Asia like stroopwafels very much :))

12.30 Arrived at Schipol
Johan, Ruud and Uncle Charlie accompany Me to Schipol Airport, We had a drink while waiting the boarding time.

13.15 Immigration Counter
The immigration officer check for My passport.

13.22 Waiting at Gate F6

26 April

02.00 Arrived at Bangkok Intl. Airport

02.20 On Waiting Room Gate 55
I don’t feel jet lag at Bangkok, I just feel that it’s a long noon – morning actually as the local time is 7.20.

02.35 Small Trouble With My Bag
The officer on Gate 55 saw My bag and ask Me to follow Him and count the weight of My bag, it’s about 10Kg and He doesn’t allow Me to bring My bag inside the cabin, so He give Me a luggage ticket and My bag goes to the luggage.

07.30 Arrived at Taipei
I must stay in Taipei for one night as My flight to Jakarta is on the nexday. I must go to the China Airlines’ Transfer Counter to get a hotel voucher. Bad luck, I go to the wrong transfer counter. I should be go to transfer counter A but I go to transfer counter B, so I must walk back.

I got the voucher and the officer said that the shuttle bus will pick Me up within 15 minutes. I’m really disappointed with China Airlines as I wait for more that 1 hour an nobody pick Me up to the hotel. I’m start feeling so tired and want to lay down.

10.00 Picked up
The shuttle bus is coming and 2 officer from China Airlines show Me the way to the shuttle bus stop.

11.30 Arrived in the Hotel
The hotel it self is not so good, it’s a cheap hotel. But never mind, I just need some sleep.

27 April

00.30 Arrived at the Airport
The phone was ringing in the morning, it’s a wakeup call – nice feature :D – so I wake up, go to shower and change My clothes. The shuttle bus already wait for Me, it tooks about 30 minutes travel time from the hotel to the airport.

01.45 Wait in the Waiting Room
After I get My passport and ticket, I wait in the waiting room.

08.30 Arrived in Indonesia
From the plane I walk to the Immigration counter, there is about 4 counters with 2 lines in each counter, one for Indonesian and one for foreigners. The immigration check for My passport and My arrival card – which I got when I leave Indonesia. But inside the plane I also got it again from the stewardess.

08.40 Baggage Claim

08.45 Baggage Claimed
Just got My baggage then I go to the telecommunication shop to make a phone call to My brother so He acknowledged that I already arrived and waiting to be picked up.

And here I’m in Indonesia again :)



I had appointment with Jose yesterday, He want to come to Nuenen to see the village and We also want to discuss something. We already arrange this appointment from weeks ago, but then on a couple days ago Uncle Charlie tell Me that He want to take Me to a place called Drielandenpunt, So I called Jose to ask whether He want to join Us going there and He said it’s Ok.

Me, Ferdy and Om Charlie picked up Jose at Eindhoven station at 12.00 and then We go to Drielandenpunt. Drielandenpunt is a place where the border of 3 countries: Netherland, Belgium and Germany met. It took about 1 hour of travel by car.

There is a tower there where if You to the top You can see those 3 countries: Netherland, Belgium and Germany. There is also a binocular, with 1 euro You can use it to see the view the landscape.



3rd Times In Amsterdam

Just several days before I’m going back to Indonesia, I want to meet with My friend from Indonesia that study here, His name is Erwin. Erwin is My friend’s – Willy, but not Willy at QnAp, I’m talking another Willy :D – younger brother, so I know Erwin.

We already make an appointment to meet at Amsterdam Centraal station, from there We will go to Haarlem the city where He lives. I arrived in Amsterdam Centraal at 12.00, I must wait for about 15 minutes because Erwin still on the way. Erwin come with His girlfriend Ruth – pretty girl :)

We take a walk in Amsterdam for a couple of hours, I ask Erwin to take Me to the Red Light district. Red Light is a famous place in Amsterdam, it’s a prostitution center – hmm.. it sound harsh isn’t it? to call a place as “prostitution center” but it does the center – If You go there, You will see alot of young girls or adult woman behind the glass only using underware trying to sell their body to the tourists.

Amsterdam is a big city where I think it’s the most “free” city in Netherland as prostitution and marijuana are sell/practiced legally here.

After walking around the Red Light district Erwin and Ruth taking Me to IKEA, it’s a big shop where You can buy furniture and kichen stuff. IKEA is very big, they have a show room where they place the furnitures to show the potential buyers what will the furniture looks like if it’s places on a room by doing this IKEA also give some idea of interior design to the potential buyers.

From IKEA We continue to the centrum of Haarlem, it’s not big actually just the same with Eindhoven. Me and Erwin had an ice cream in the centrum while Ruth go back to Her house. At 21.00 there is a flower parade called “Flower Corso” if I’m not mistaken, but I only saw it for about 20 minutes or so as it’s getting colder and I’m only using sweater. I had a wrong prediction about the weather.  I thought today will be warm enough because yesterday the weather is good so I only use sweater, wrong decision.. it was very cold in Amsterdam!

It’s getting late so I must go to the train station and go back to Nuenen. I leaving from Amsterdam at 22.38 and the travel time is one and a half hour so I expect I arrived at Eindhoven at 24.00. I had doubt wheter I can catch the last bus to Nuenen so I call Marc Jongen to pick Me up.. hehe.. fussing Marc again :D


Philips Cordless Telephone

Just bought a package of Philips cordless telephone, I want to buy it for My Mom in Indonesia. I went to Media Markt with Marc, He also want to get more information about digital camera He want to buy. The cordless telephone cost 49 Euro, it consists of two cordless handset. I think the price 49 Euro for two handset Philips cordless phone is cheap especially it’s a Philips product.

Philips Cordless Phone

After We arrived at home, We try the phone and its have different cable with telephone in Indonesia. It has a RJ-11 on one end and a 4 pin head – just like male jack on electronic stuff, but in this case there is 4 not 2 - Then We turn on the phone and on initial setup there is only Netherland and Belgium options altough on the startup it’s in English.

I’m not sure if the phone will work in Indonesia, but it’s only the connector and language, it should be the same hardware everywhere. I think it’s impossible if Philips make the phone only for Netherland and Belgium. Well I make the conclusion based on My laptop. I bought My laptop in Indonesia, but it has European connector that have 3 pins – there is also an American connector, but I use the European one – and it still can be used in Indonesia. If the phone does work in Indonesia, the only problem is the languange, guess My family need to learn Dutch hehe :D


Volendam and Keukenhof

Today Me together with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Stance, Aunt Sam, Linda and Ferdi went to Volendam and Keukenhof. We leave QnAp office at 09.00 and go to Volendam first.

At Volendam We take photos with traditional Volendam’s costume. The costume it self is very simple, a plain black pants, black shirt and a black hat. After finish taking photos, We need to wait for one hour before We can get the result so to killing the time We go to souvenir shop, I want to buy something for My family in Indonesia as the date that I’m going back to Indonesia is near. After one hour We go back to the photo studio to get Our photos. We didn’t spend much time in Volendam as the main destination is Keukenhof.

We arrived at Keukenhof around 12.00 then We get some lunch – Aunt Stance and Linda already prepare Our lunch from home – then We enter Keukenhof park. Keukenhof park is very big. There is so many kind of flowers there, it’s very beautiful.

Keukenhof Parking Ticket

I also interested with the music juke box – I don’t know what it’s name – which operated automaticly. If a CD player using disk to store the music, the juke box is using a card that have holes in it, just like a “punch card“ for computer in old days.

Around 18.00 We planning to go back home, but I heard there is a “Pasar Malam” in Rotterdam, so I want to go there and see. Pasar Malam is a market – the name already describe what it is, in Indonesian of course – where the sellers sells asian stuffs, not only from Indonesia. We arrived at the Pasar Malam at 19.00 which only one hour before it is closed and today is the last day so when We came, some sellers already prepare to pack Their stuffs. We spend about one hour there and then visit Aunt Stance’s son’s house. We stay there for one hour and then go back home to Nuenen. We arrived at 23.00, I’m tired but today is fun for Me.


  1. on April 18, 2006 at 14:56

    Got the name of the music juke box: Draaiorgel :D thanks to Marc Jongen for the information.