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This is My story.. A journey to Netherland

Tour de Kinderdijk

Yesterday I go to Rotterdam, I had an appointment with Sam Warnaars. I walk to the bus stop at 8.30, I must catch a bus at 8.45 to go to Eindhoven station then I go to Rotterdam by train.

I got some trouble with the ticket machine, it always reject My debit card. I was able to buy ticket from the ticket machine before, so it make Me confused. I end up with buying the ticket on the station office which cost Me 0,5 Euro more – typing cost – but its okay.

I must wait for the train that depart at 9.39, actually there is a train that depart at 9.09, but I’ll be to soon to arrive at Rotterdam. Eindhoven – Rotterdam only take one hour travel time. I arrived at Rotterdam at about 10.30 and Sam already wait for Me on the station hall.

After that He take Me to His parent’s house to meet His father Lucas. Meneer Lucas is a very nice person, We had a nice conversation about Netherland geographical situation. After that We go to some place where there is alot of windmills, I don’t know the name before I read Sam’s blog :D the name of the place is Kinderdijk.

The windmills function is to pull out the water to the main river that connect to the sea – Netherland land is below the sea level, thats why They make the windmill – It was build years ago, once I saw a windmill that build on 1730, thats very old windmill and I think it’s still working.

Me and Sam in Kinderdijk

After Tour de Kinderdijk, We go back to Meneer Lucas’s house and have some lunch, then Sam take Me to visit His sister Eleonoor. Eleonoor live in the center of Rotterdam with Her two friends, We also had a nice conversation.

PS: She is a good looking girl, You know.. :D For My friends in Indonesia especially Budi at QnAp Asia: Sorry dude! this is for My private ‘collection’ no photos :p

At about 18.00 Me and Sam say good bye to Elenoor and go to the train station, Sam must go to work tomorrow and I don’t want to be back home very late. I arrived at Eindhoven station at about 19.15, I was missed the bus to Nuenen so I must wait for about one hour :(( before the next bus come – this is what I hate from Nuenen’s bus transportation, the bus frequency is very low, 1 hour a time, well maybe the bus go to other than Nuenen have more frequency but I’m not sure. But I managed to go back to home so no problem.


Global Positioning System

Uncle Charlie bought a new GPS – Global Positioning System – several days ago and He had some trouble with how to use it. So today I help him to learn how to use it. This is My first time using GPS also, so I need to RTMF – Read The Fucking Manual – :D Unfortunetly the manual is so simple and not complete so I a little bit confused how to use the GPS.

I turn on the GPS inside the house but it didn’t get any signal from the satellite so I go out, turn it again and it get signal from the satellite. The GPS managed to detect My current location which is Revelingse Erven. Ok, then I input Eindhoven station as the destination I want to go. The GPS start calculating the route for a while and then it show the map and the route i must take to go to the station. But wait.. why the hell it running it self? the triangle – which should be My current location – moving following the route the GPS calculate before and moving 100Km/hour! the GPS also giving sound direction. I’m so confused why it’s moving while I’m still standing still in Refelingse Erven. Well it’s a good sign, that means the GPS does work.. at least as a map for now :D

Ok, the triangle already arrived at Eindhoven train station and the GPS speak “Destination..”, wierd GPS because I’m still at Revelingse Erven. But then the triangle going back to point at Revelingse Erven, and when I walk the triangle also moving and the GPS said that the moving speed is 2Km/hour. I think the GPS start working correctly, so I tell Uncle Charlie to try drive to the station. Hey the GPS really works! :D it giving direction correctly, if there is a cross street it give information to turn right or left, if there is a turn over it give information which exit We should take and if We must go straight it give information how far We must go. Its cool b-)

We follow the GPS direction and actually it works good and giving correct way, but doesn’t know if there is some works on the last turn it give so Me and Uncle Charlie should be take another way – Of course Uncle Charlie know the way, so We make another turn, not follow the GPS – the GPS the get confused :D and still keep giving information that We must turn back – which actually a good thing in normal condition, but this is a special condition where there is some work on the road and We can’t take that road – it giving a question mark sign – ‘?’ – for a while and then it give another route, it seems the GPS track Our position and then re-calculate the route, but because We keep moving so it takes a while to get the result. The GPS giving a new route and Uncle Charlie said it’s correct so We stop on the side road – We not continuing to the station.

Uncle Charlie request Me to input Revelingse Erven as We going back to the office. The GPS doesn’t get any signal for a long time, it seems that I must take the GPS out side where there is no roof so it get clear sky and can communicate with the satellite. After the GPS get connected to the satellite I put it back in the car but then it lost the connection again. Because We stop in the road side, We can’t stop for long so Uncle Charlie start drive back to the office. On the way back I keep trying the GPS, at last it get signal and start calculating, then the triangle start moving it self with speed at 100Km/hour - same with when I try it at the office – and it show different location with My current location. I wonder why it moving it self now while last time it works fine – giving direction from office to the station – My conclusion is the GPS giving some preview of the route We will take before We really start to go.

When We arrived at the office I check the settings of the GPS and in the setting preferences there is a “Demonstration” choice ticked on, I un-tick the choice and then try again inputing a destination. The GPS calculating route and the triangle is not moving it self, when I walk the triangle start moving and the GPS giving speed information 2Km/hour. My guess was right, the triangle was moving it self because the default setting is to give demonstration of the route.

I input the address and house number of Uncle Charlie house – Yeah its also giving direction as detail as a house, cool b-) so if You know the street name and the house number of someone You want to visit, You can’t get lost :p – the GPS start calculating and then its show the route. I said to Uncle Charlie to try it once again, so We go to Uncle Charlie house – the first time for Me – the GPS works great.

Uncle Charlie house is small, but it quite nice :) Houses in Netherland usually are small I already write about houses in Netherland on a post before but I forgot which post :D I stay at Uncle Charlie’s house for several minutes and then We go back to the office.

After trying the GPS I very like it, I wonder is there any Indonesian map for GPS as GPS is very rare or even no GPS in Indonesia, well at least not the same GPS with the one Uncle Charlie have. I see once when I’m still in college because there is a GIS – Geographic Information System – class, but it’s a different GPS I think as it doesn’t have a map and only can store the direction from point to point, first You must record the route and next time You can use it to show which route You take before or it show the route back.


Eiffel I’m Not In Love

Back to work and blog after went to Paris :) Here is My story when I’m in Paris.

Day 1 – Disneyland Resort Paris
I woke up at 04.00 in the morning, that damn alarm on My mobile phone rang loudly, but I turn it off and back to sleep again :D don’t care if I must go to the train station on 05:39. Gladly.. Marc knocks My room’s door and I woke up – again – I saw the clock show 04:45, I just run to the bathroom and got a fast shower :p then Marc take Me to the train station.

We arrive on the train station just in time, I go inside the train and Marc go back to Nuenen – sleep again perhaps :D – I need to change train on Breda and then on Brussel, so I change twice. The train arrived at Marne La Vallee station at 11:30. The location of the train station is next to Disneyland.

The ticket to enter Disneyland is cost 42 euro for 1 park, there is 2 parks but I only enter 1 park. In Disneyland I meet with Saskia and Her friends – new friends for Me – and then We go around the Disney Park. We play the Space Mission 2 it’s a roller coaster inside a big dome, it’s very dark inside to imitate the space. The next roller coaster is Indiana Jones, what make this roller coaster special is it’s 360 degree loop – scary :SS – The third is Big Thunder Mountain. The last thing I remember after riding the roller coaster is: I’m glad that its over :D

Day 2 – Paris
On the second day in Paris I went to Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile, Obélisque de Luxor and Louvre museum – I see Monalisa there :D I travel to this places using train and metro, what I like from paris that the public transportation is very easy to use. I have maps that contain all train lane, metro lane and bus, it make Me travel easily across the big city and what make it better, You can get a “One day ticket” where You can use it to travel with metro and train – also bus, I think, but I never use the buses – across the city only for 6.40 euro! Actually I get information from the Internet and a friend of Me that there is a 1 day, 2 days and 3 days ticket, but I bought the one day ticket only.

Eiffel is the main attraction for Me, I take alot photos of Eiffel. After I visit Louvre museum I go back to Eiffel just to see it on the night, it was very beautiful then I go to Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile again, after that back to Eiffel – again :D – to join My friend on boat trip sight seeing of Paris. The guide person was speaking in english with french accent that so heavy that make Me and My friend feel funny and a little bit hard to understand what was He talk about.

Day 3 – Last Minutes
The last day in Paris I went to Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur, I only have 2 hours to visit this two tourist attraction because I and My friends woke up very late. I arrived at Notre Dame on 11.00 or so, I go looking inside for about 1 hour and then go to Sacre Coeur. The Sacre Coeur is on the hill where from there You can see Paris city, it’s quite beautiful altough I don’t have much time to see around because I must come back to meeting point where I’ll re-join with My friends and come back to Netherland.

We arrived at Rotterdam on 22.00 and then My friends taking Me to the train station. I was just in time because the train to Eindhoven is leaving about 1 – 2 minutes after I arrived on the train station. I took about 1 hour to go to Eindhoven from Rotterdam, I arrived on Eindhoven station at 23.00 and Marc pick Me up – again fuss Him again :D – thanks Marc.

I’m so tired.. eat a bowl of hot noodle – want somethin hot to eat – and then go to sleep I-)


Today all My collegues in Indonesia have a holidays for 2 days, because today is Thursday so They will have a long holidays - 4 days in total. The Hindu’s people in Indonesia celebrate “Nyepi”. Unfortunately here in Netherland people doesn’t celebrate Nyepi, so I don’t get a holiday :( but thats ok because I’ll get one day off tomorrow, I’ll go to Paris :D

I also heard that My friend Willy at QnAp Asia – Jakarta has been Knocked Down :D by a disease called Typhus. It’s a shame that He can’t enjoy the holidays. But then He is the fifth person at QnAp Asia that got Typhus, so.. who is next :D


Tickets to Paris

Just come back from the train station at Eindhoven. I bought a one way ticket to Paris for 31 March 2006, yep next Friday :D

I think I was lucky because I got lower ticket price than what it said on the train web site, it should be around 100 euro but I bought just for 61.70 euro :) happy Me.

The train will depart from Eindhoven and arrive at Marne La Valle – Paris, I already had an appointment with Saskia and Her friends to meet Them on Disneyland.

I’ll be in Paris for 3 days and return to Netherland on 2 April 2006 by bus together with Saskia and Her friends – I do hope so.. as I’m not yet get a confirmation from Saskia again, but She was said that I can go back with Her. Incase it’s not possible to go back with Them then I’m doomed :D


Summer Time

Just look at clock on the wall.. something wrong, the clock is 1 hour further than My laptop’s clock. I ask Johan about this and He said that is summer time went active last night so all people – except Me, because I didn’t know - put their clock 1 hour further.

Gonna change My laptop’s clock..


Spring is Coming

Starting from yesterday the weather is not so cold anymore, it’s between 12..15 celcius which is okay for Me.

The flowers start to grow and I think within a couples of days trees will become green again. I like the climate this 2 days, not so cold and not hot, good time for working B-)


Between Yes Paris and No Paris

I’m in the middle of crossroad where i must decide whether I go to Paris alone or not going there at all. There is a nice offering from D-Reizen that only cost 99 Euro for going to Paris by bus and including a hotel accomodation, but the price is for 2 person – cost 99 Euro for each person – if I go by My self then I must pay more, Jose already ask about it and He get the information that I must pay about 179 Euro if I go by My self and i can’t afford it.

I already try to ask peoples to join Me, but nobody want to or can to go to Paris with Me :(( at least there is 6 people I already asked. Plus.. currently there is a riot in Paris, that also adding the reason not to go there..

Guess I must wait for other chances..