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Crystal Report’s Failed To Load Report

I spend half time of today’s working hours just to do some research on how to solve a problem that happen on software that currently being worked by other team. The software that they currently do is having problem when it’s being run on Microsoft Windows 98. It producing an error that nobody knows what is the cause.

At first we suspect that Crystal Report is causing the problem because some Windows XP that also having the same problem can be fixed by installing Crystal Report component from Visual Studio .NET 2003 installation CDs. But it’s not the case for Windows 98. I can’t install the Crystal Report component from Visual Studio installation CDs, I even can’t run the setup program :(

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Find How To Record Sound in C#

This few days I’ve been searching for how to record sound in C#. After doing some searching on the Internet I found DirectX SDK. Unfortunately the documentation and example of DirectX SDK are writen in C/C++ which is diferrent with C# so I get confused on how to implement it in C#.

I’m still searching for an example on the Internet, I hope I can found one that give a good and easy example.


  1. on June 12, 2006 at 10:15

    It seems that I didn’t go thoroughly on DirectX SDK installation directory as this morning I found an example of C# code for capturing/recording sound in ‘\Samples\Managed\DirectSound\CaptureSound’ directory.

    Although the code not working correctly. I got some error when running it and the program can’t capture sound, but I’m a little bit glad because at least I have an example.