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Sisfo Kampus, LIVE!

It’s really tiring this last three days as UKRIDA start distributing “Study Schedule Plan” and the process is not as smooth as I was hoping. UKRIDA is implementing Sisfo Kampus it’s a University Information Management System developed by Setio Dewo, he is my current project leader on Sisfo Kampus project.

Yesterday I got a lot of complaints from Erwin an officer at general affairs department of medical faculty of UKRIDA. He has some problem with printing the study schedule plan. But today I got even more complaints, not from Erwin but from the students :(

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Outsourced IT Personnel

Since I assigned to Sisfo Kampus development team, I’m now being outsourced to Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana – UKRIDA (Krida Wacana Christian University). Today is my first day working at UKRIDA. My task is to help the user at UKRIDA on how to use the university information system “Sisfo Kampus” that being implemented there.

Sisfo Kampus is a university information system that built by Emanuel Setio Dewo, he also became my project leader now. Sisfo Kampus is an open source university information system. You can download it at its official website and use it free and legal.
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Crystal Report’s Failed To Load Report

I spend half time of today’s working hours just to do some research on how to solve a problem that happen on software that currently being worked by other team. The software that they currently do is having problem when it’s being run on Microsoft Windows 98. It producing an error that nobody knows what is the cause.

At first we suspect that Crystal Report is causing the problem because some Windows XP that also having the same problem can be fixed by installing Crystal Report component from Visual Studio .NET 2003 installation CDs. But it’s not the case for Windows 98. I can’t install the Crystal Report component from Visual Studio installation CDs, I even can’t run the setup program :(

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Office On The Move

QnAp Asia office had two problems yesterday. First the internet is up and down on and on which make me and my colleagues can’t work. I can’t really work as I need to do some research on the Internet for information about project that I prepared.

The next problem is electricity outage that happen around 13.45, we waited for more than 1,5 hours but the electric doesn’t come up. Then Ki come back from meeting and giving order to all QnAper to go to Taman Anggrek Mall, we will work there :D

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Tour de Jakarta

Today when I was in the office to check My emails, I got a phone call from Mr. Adi saying that Fred and Jef wants to do some city sight seeing. Because Mr. Rohim the office car driver can’t speak English well, so Mr. Adi asks Me to guide Fred and Jef.

At first Fred wants to go to the central post office as He needs to send postcards to Netherlands, but unfortunately the post office already closed so He cancel His plan. Then We had a drink at Batavia café which is near to the post office. The Batavia café’s interior is quite nice, it has a European style and a lot of the tourist that have a drink and meal there.

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