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Transferring Files from Remote Server to Remote Server Using SCP

If you have more than one server and want to transfer files between the two, you can use SCP (Secure Copy). Here is how to do it:

SCP then will ask the password for username on the remote host that already specified, insert the username and press enter. Wait until the transfer finished and your file will be copied to the destination server.
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Disable Shell Access

If you want to create a user on your server but doesn’t want to give him SSH access then you can run this command to disable his shell:

After running that command, the user specified will not have SSH access but still can do other things like FTP.

Failing RAID 1 HDD

Today I’m experiencing bad thing with RAID 1 HDD on one of RevTI servers. I’m ordering additional RAM for that server and got a very bad news from my administrator that the OS won’t boot after the RAM installed. DAMN!!

My admin said that the RAID causing problem which causes the OS didn’t load. He said that the system can’t recognize any OS inside the HDD, it’s just look like blank HDD.
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Problem with Date and Time Zone in CentOS 4.4

Last night I was configuring my new server and having trouble with changing the time zone. I use dateconfig command to change the time zone, I select “Asia/Jakarta” and save the configuration.

Strange thing is the time zone configuration is wrong, instead of WIT the time zone used is UTC. I tried to change the time zone again, this time I didn’t use dateconfig but by creating a symlink from /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta to /etc/localtime, it doesn’t work either.

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Domain Name Watch

A couple months ago I was keeping my eye for a domain name that already expired and soon being deleted from the domain name registry. I really want this domain name as I want to use it for my web hosting business –

I was unlucky that time because the domain name was registered by a company that specialized on registering dropped/deleted/expired domain names. Because this company can watch and register the domain name automatically, of course they can register the domain a couple of minutes after it’s deleted from the registry. That is why I lost the domain, sad.. :(

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Speedy Slow Internet Connection

The Internet connection at my office is very very slow since last week. The ISP Telkom Speedy is a worse ISP ever! I can’t even download my emails. Only connection to local websites “within IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange) network” that is accessible, other than that it’s just a blank white screen on my FireFox browser.

I tried to connect to RevTI’s server via SSH since yesterday to update the ClamAV antivirus that installed on the server, but because Telkom Speedy is sucks (as always) I can’t connect to the server. If I can connect to the server, I got disconnected in the middle of ClamAV installation process.

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RevTI Server’s IP Blacklisted by SpamHaus SBL

Just a couple days after I submit a form to Yahoo abuse to clean RevTI server’s IP which it seems Yahoo already whitelist the IP, today I found out that SpamHaus SBL also blacklist RevTI server.

Actually it’s not RevTI server’s IP that being blacklisted, but SpamHaus SBL blacklist all the IP block, so innocent IPs – including RevTI server’s IP – also being blacklisted.

I already contacted the Datacenter regarding this problem, hopefully They can solve this problem as they are who managed the IP block


  1. on June 23, 2006 at 19:11

    I check on SpamHaus website and found out that RevTI server’s IP already whitelisted, I’m so happy :D