Minimum Install VNC Remote Desktop Server on Centos

I wrote an update for an article that i wrote a couple months ago here It’s a tutorial to install VNC on Linux Centos VPS. On that tutorial I was installing the group package of Gnome Desktop which will install all Gnome’s applications including Open Office. This of course requires a lot of space and RAM resources to be run on a VPS which most of the time we don’t need Open Office etc.

My self only use the VNC server that I installed in a VPS located in US datacenter to access some website which only available for US visitors. For browsing purposes I only need Gnome minimum install and Firefox browser and that is what I installed on this tutorial.

You can read my tutorial here: Minimum Install VNC Remote Desktop Server on Centos

This is why there are 32 bit packages on 64 bit Linux Centos

I just installed a new server with Linux Centos 64 bit installed and noticed that actually some 32 bit packages was also installed when I’m running yum upgrade. There was nothing wrong in YUM configuration that I can find.

It turns out that the reason for those 32 bit packages being installed is that Centos follow the upstream source, hence the 64 bit (x86_64) installation by default will also install 32 bit packages. Since I want to have pure 64 bit system then I remove all 32 bit packages that installed on my server and set the exclude option so that 32 bit will not installed by yum command.

To remove all 32 bit packages run the command:

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HTC Desire HD Proximity Problem and How to Fix it

Just had my HTC Desire HD (or shortened as DHD) for a few months now, been happy using it but then I start to notice a problem with its proximity sensor.

Symptom: when making a short phone call the screen is dimmed and stays so for several minutes, this causes more battery usage. The bigger problem is when I make a long phone call, the screen went turned off after some period and didn’t come back on when I move away the phone from my face (while it should).

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Modify the Maximum Emails a Domain Can Send per Hour

On Cpanel’s Tweak Settings you can limit the maximum each domain can send out per hour. The problem is that this limit also applies to Mailman mailing list hence causing problem for mailing list owners.

The problem happen when the mailing list has members more than the maximum number of email a domain can send per hour. Once the mailing list hit the max limit, the emails start to be bounced back or dropped by Exim from its queue.

To fix this problem administrator can set a limit for a specific domain on the server by modifying /var/cpanel/maxemails file and add the domain that want its limit to be override:

Then run /scripts/build_maxemails_config to apply the new limit.

Registering 32-bit DLL on Windows Server SBS 2008 64-bit

Recently I’m installing a 32-bit application on a fresh installed Windows Server SBS 2008 which only comes in 64-bit version. This application that I’m installing is requiring a DLL file to be registered on the registry using the regsvr32 command.

Here comes the problem with registering 32-bit DLL since 32-bit application see different “system32” in Windows Server 64-bit. 32-bit application will see %windir%\syswow64 as their “system32” directory in 64-bit OS, while 64-bit application will use the %windir%\system32.

So to register the 32-bit DLL on 64-bit Windows Server we need to call the 32-bit version of regsvr32 which located on %windir%\syswow64, for example:

Disabling Zimbra View Mail Button on Administrator Console

I’ve been searching for a solution to disable the “View Mail” button in Zimbra’s Administrator control panel. I think this “View Mail” button is not necessary and further more it is privacy breach as administrator can see all emails inside an email account.

The new version 6.0 Network Edition seems to be able to do that as it already has Role Based delegation. However, since there are only less than 10 persons that going to use the mail server, I don’t think NE edition is necessary for me.

Currently I’m testing the open source edition of Zimbra 6.0 and have been looking at its code, but unfortunately I can’t find a way to disable or at least hide that “View Mail” button.

I joined the Zimbra forum and shoot a question there but it seems the community has no idea either on how to disable it. Zimbra is open source so I think it should be able to be modified, it just a matter of removing a button from its GUI, it’s not changing the functionality of its core code.

I’ll spend some more time to investigate on how to do this and post the result on next blog post.

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