RevTI’s Server Was Down

Just wake up from sleep, check emails but the mail server not responding. I wonder why.. so try to SSH to check the MTA status, but I even can’t SSH My server. Check, it report that My server already down for 2 hours.

Ok, contact the datacenter. Hmm.. impressive the datacenter response very fast! less than 10 minutes They reply back My email and rebooted My server :D now My server is accessible again :p


Dinner Together at Kam Po Restaurant

Last night about 18.00 Nuenen time, Johan ask Me to have dinner together with Him, Ki, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Sam and Ferdi at Chinese Restaurant Kam Po in Eindhoven. It’s about 10 minutes driving from QnAp iT BV office to Kam Po.

We had a Dim Sum dinner there.. The place is quite nice and the food is delicious :D

Here is a picture of Me, Ki and Ferdi at Eindhoven:

Me, Ki and Ferdi at Eindhoven


Goede Morgen

Just wake up from My good night sleep :D it’s 06:00 in the morning local time – 12:00 afternoon Indonesian time – turn on My laptop and write this blog. I’m signing in to yahoo messenger but friends in QnAp Asia isn’t online, they have a holiday today, Hijriah new year.. the 3rd new year in this month :D

Checked yahoo weather, it’s about -5 .. 3 C now. Just like you are in a freezer :D but inside the house isn’t that cold, it’s like We are in Kaliurang :D. Each room in Ki’s house have a heater to keep the room temperature warm.

Heater in the room

Goede morgen


Lonely Traveller

The day has come.. 29 January 2006 at 11.00 Mr. Rohim pick Me up at the QnAp Asia office, then We go to My boarding house to take My bags and then We go to the airport. Below is time based story of My trip to Netherland:

11:30 Arrive at Sukarno Hatta airport.
Go to the correct gate, in My case the gate that have China Airlines logo.
X-Ray scan check. Don’t bring any metal or sharp things.
Check in to airlines counter, I want to sit near window so I tell the officer now.

What I give to the officer:

  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Airport tax Rp. 100.000,-
  • Insurance certificate
  • Luggage

What I get from the officer:

  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Insurance certificate
  • Boarding pass
  • Arrival – departure form
  • Luggage receipt on My ticket.

12:00 Paying fiscal
I go to the bank in the airport, it’s near the check in counter. Prepare this:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • 1 million Rupiah for paying fiscal fee

What I get:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Fiscal receipt

12:05 Fiscal checking counter
On this counter I should show:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Arrival – departure form
  • Fiscal receipt. The officer give a stampel on this receipt.

12:07 Imigration counter
What I give to the officer:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Arrival – departure form
  • Fiscal receipt

All document returned to Me.

12:08 Waiting for the Gate Opened
when I come to the boarding room, the gate still closed so I must wait.

13:10 X-Ray Checking
Entering the boarding room, X-Ray check again.

13:12 China Airlines Counter
What I give to the officer:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass

What I get:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • A card colored green, this is used to giving order when I should go to the plane

13:50 the Plane is Coming

14:30 Onboard the plane
Flight to Taipei for 4 hours and 40 minutes

15:00 Lost My HP pen
I lost My HP pen, didn’t found it

17:45 Ask for a Pen
I ask a pen to write the log from a beautiful stewardess :D

17:47 Dinner Time
It’s dinner time but I didn’t get one :(

17:55 Dinner Now
Aha.. they just skip Me because I walk around the plane, got My dinner now :)

18:15 Entertaintment
On A330 there is a small monitor each chair and We can watch movie or hear music. I was watching a movie and then listening to Jazz music channel.

19:45 Arrive at Taipei Airport (Chiang Kai-Shek)

20:00 Wait at Gate A7 Boarding Room

20:00 Line Up To Get Into the Plane
What interesting in this airport, the officer use a machine to tear the boarding pass, not manualy by hand :D

21:15 Onboard in Plane. B747-400
I like A330 instead B747, why? because B747 didn’t have a small tv on each chair, so I can’t watch movie that I like, also the music channel is sucks. But B747 is bigger than A330 and have 4 jets instead of 2.

21:30 Heading to Bangkok
I quiet shocked when seeing on the information screen that the plane is heading to Bangkok, I was scared if I in the wrong flight.

22:15 Captain Speech :D
Heard info from the Captain that the flight heading to Bangkok then to Amsterdam, so it’s another transit. I’m glad :D

30 January

01:10 Arrive at Bangkok, Thailand

01:30 Got Boarding Pass
A girl on the end of the hall give Me a boarding pass to Amsterdam

14:45 Arrive at Schiphol Airport Netherland :D
Yay.. I’m in Netherland..

15:00 Passport Check
A little bit confused with the next step, I know I must go to the Imigration, but still get confused – hey this is My first time going to foreign country :D - so I ask an officer on the Imigration office, She said I must get inline to “All passport” check counter. There is 2 kind: all passport and EU passport, guess the last one is for people that have european passport or from european country.

15:15 Baggage Claim

15:20 Baggage Check
My baggage was checked by security official when I want to get out to arrival hall, they check for customs things such as tobacco, etc. (I wasn’t remember the things). I’am bringing a slop of Dji Sam Soe, but fortunately it’s passed. When the official want to check My suit case, I try to open it.. I already give the correct key number, but it won’t open – I’m just proud of My bag security, even I as the owner already put correct key number it won’t opened :p – but I was lucky, the security officer said “Okay, no problem.. You are lucky.. You still need to go somewhere else..” then He show the way to get out to arrival hall.

15:30 Waiting Somebody Pick Me Up
I was waiting for somebody to pick up at the airport, I try to make a phone call using the card that Ronny gave to Me at Jakarta, but it’s already expired so I can’t use it. But the phone accept credit card too.. so I use My credit card to make a phone call to Johan. Johan said that Uncle Chris and Ferdi already go to the airport so they will come soon.

16:30 Have Some Drink at Airport Cafe
Long waiting for somebody pick Me up, I decide to have some drink. I go to a cafe near the arrival hall gate. A waitress came offer Me with a PDA in Her hand, I think cafe or restaurant in Netherland is more advance on handling customer order :D. Not so long.. uncle Chris and Ferdi came up, and then We have drinks together.

18:00 Go To Ki’s House
The road in Netherland is very clean and just strait forward like a tol in Jakarta, the difference is there is no traffic jam in Netherland :D even the street is not a tol!

19:15 Arrived at Ki’s House
Yeeeaah.. finaly..

I’m introduced to Frank Mulders, Ruud Mulder (there is a ‘s’ difference :p ), Ria and Mark (not Mark van Dun). Now I know Frank’s and Johan’s face hehe.. not just from chat.

About 24:00 We have dinner together, Me, Uncle Chris, Linda, Ferdi, Ki, Mark and Aunt .. (I forgot the Name :D ) Then.. Peter van der Kamp coming :) .. Happy to see Him again :p

Ah.. I’m tired.. that’s all for now


Last Day..

Today is My last day in Indonesia, coming to the office at 9.30 am just for checking email, having lunch and waiting for Mr. Rohim pick Me up, He’ll take Me to the airport.

Have a short chat with Rudi, He have a ‘small’ package that I should give it to Ki :D. Rudi, thank you for choosing MPS (Markus Parcell Services) – We Deliver Door to Door Package :D

10.30 am now, must get prepared.. See Ya later!


Last preparation and Chinese New Year Eve

Yesterday I meet My big brother, He just come back from China 2 days ago. We go to Mega Mall Pluit to buy some stuff for Me and buy a slop of cigarette kretek Dji Sam Soe for Johan.

After shopping :D we have lunch at Solaris. That day there is a Samsi show at Mega Mall it’s quite crowded, because all people want to watch the show. After finishing lunch I go around searching for Salon, I want to get a hair cut now because I don’t want to spend 14-30 euro just for a hair cut :D. But.. there is always a ‘but’ :D all salon is so crowded! guess all people wants to look beautiful and handsom on Chinese new year :p

Giving up looking for salon, We go to Puri Mall. I want to get some gloves but unfortunately the shop only have one color (Gray) and I don’t like the color.

I also try to get hair cut at Puri Mall, but it’s just the same as Mega Mall, all salon is crowded.. $h*7.. Ok then.. no hair cut! :D


Got the ticket!

Today I have a small chat with Johan using Yahoo Messenger, talking about Netherland. He giving Me some links about Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol, Eindhoven website and Nuenen website.

Although Johan doesn’t smoke, He still asking Me to bring Him a slop of kretek Dji Sam Soe for Indonesian that already stay there.

I’m quite impressed with todays QnAp Asia office internet connection, it’s so fast that i can make a call using Yahoo voice chat. Well.. Johan having some problem with His microphone so He can’t talk back, only hear Me speaking :)

On the evening, about 5.30 pm Ronny came to the office and give Me My ticket. I’ll go to Netherland on 29 January (Chinese New Year :) ) and back to Indonesia on 25 April – 3 months in Netherland.

I’m feeling happy and excited but in the same time feeling nervous too because this is the first time i go to foreign country and it’s far from Indonesia.

Many thanks to everybody at QnAp Asia especially Ki, Ronny, Willy and Liza. Also thanks to Johan at QnAp iT BV.

Wish Me Luck


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