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Add More Tiles on Firefox’s New Tab Page

By default Firefox only have 9 tiles on its new tab page, say we want more tiles on it we have to edit manually the configuration by typing about:config on the address bar.


You’ll then get the “This might void your warranty warning“, click on “I’ll be careful I promise” button to continue (and you should be really careful as wrong edit might break your Firefox)

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Trying Firefox 3 Beta 4 without Installing It

I’m sure that all of Firefox fans are so eager to try the new beta 4 of Firefox 3. As it is still in beta version so it is not ready for daily browsing use. Other reason that you shouldn’t use it (yet) for daily use are a lot of themes, plug-ins and extensions of Firefox 2 will not compatible with Firefox 3 beta 4.

Firefox 3 beta 4 portable

But I’m sure that your curiosity is getting high, right? Then you can try Firefox 3 Beta 4 Portable from PortableApps.com. The benefit of using the portable version is you don’t need to install it, you just run the auto extract package file to a directory, then click on the Firefox executable files and Firefox 3 beta 4 will run. Another good thing is, it will not interfere your existing Firefox 2 profiles.

Download Firefox 3 beta 4 portable here.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 Released

Yesterday Mozilla released new beta version of Firefox 3, the beta 4. On this new beta version, Mozilla developers include more than 900 enhancements from the previous beta 3, add performance boost, increase the stability and improve the user interface.

Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which on the release note web page said that it has been developed since the last 31 months. Within 31 months, Mozilla developers already made 12.000 updates, re-architecting and simplifying the codes.

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Microsoft Release IE 8 Beta

Look like Microsoft doesn’t want to lose the browser competition with Mozilla’s Firefox. After the entire buzz about the new release of Firefox 3 beta 3, Microsoft soon releases its Internet Explorer 8 Beta. Users and web developers seem give Microsoft a great push to release the new browser sooner. Further more everybody expect that the new release will comply with the web standard, ex. Acid browser test.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

From Microsoft’s website, Internet Explorer 8 Beta will have these new features:
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