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CPanel Problem Upgrading MySQL 5

Several months ago I had problem on upgrading CPanel’s MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5. The problem was occurred on Centos 5 OpenVZ based VPS. Since someone contact me at WebHostingTalk forum asking about the same problem so I decided to re-try again the steps to fix the problem. Hence I post it here too, for future and general purposes :)

ok, do this at your own risk :) backup your mysql data first!

the steps i do:

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Creating /dev/random

Somehow in some Linux Centos installation the /dev/random is missing. The problem is some software needs it to working well. Here is how to create it:

Other devices might be missing to such as /dev/urandom, /dev/null and /dev/ptmx if you need those device here is how to create it: