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Disable Munin Without Uninstalling It on Cpanel Server

For some reason I want to disable Munin on my Cpanel server but without uninstalling it since I have made some changes which I don’t want to lose by uninstalling Munin.

Disable Munin service

So I start with disabling Munin service by running command:

Next, disable Munin from running on startup:

 Disable Munin’s Cron

Although the service has been disabled but there is a cron that runs every 5 minutes to do updates. This cron can be disabled by editing cron for user munin:

And then edit the cron line by adding “#” in front of the cron line to disable it

Save the changes and that’s it. Whenever I want to re-activate Munin I just reverse the changes that have been done above.

Correcting Wrong CPanel’s Nameservers IPs

On CPanel 11.30+ when you go to “Main >> DNS Functions >> Nameserver IPs” and found that the nameservers listed is wrong (this might happen if you just finished doing server migration), you can fix it by following these steps:

1. Make sure that you already update the child nameservers to the new IPs and its fully propagated.
2. Go to “Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup” and click on “Assign IP address” button on each of your nameservers. Make sure that the IP being shown on the pop-up window are the correct IP for your nameserver.
3. Login to your server as root and run the script: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/updatenameserverips to update CPanel nameservers list.
4. Check “Main >> DNS Functions >> Nameserver IPs” again and it should show the correct settings.

Modify the Maximum Emails a Domain Can Send per Hour

On Cpanel’s Tweak Settings you can limit the maximum each domain can send out per hour. The problem is that this limit also applies to Mailman mailing list hence causing problem for mailing list owners.

The problem happen when the mailing list has members more than the maximum number of email a domain can send per hour. Once the mailing list hit the max limit, the emails start to be bounced back or dropped by Exim from its queue.

To fix this problem administrator can set a limit for a specific domain on the server by modifying /var/cpanel/maxemails file and add the domain that want its limit to be override:

Then run /scripts/build_maxemails_config to apply the new limit.

Changing /tmp Partition Size on CPanel Server

Today one of my server have its /tmp partition is full and causing problems such as failed MySQL database query or Fantastico stop working because they can’t write temporary file. Here is the solution I found on CPanel’s forum:

Then umount /tmp and /var/tmp:

Then remove the old partition file:

Then create a new one:

CPanel Problem Upgrading MySQL 5

Several months ago I had problem on upgrading CPanel’s MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5. The problem was occurred on Centos 5 OpenVZ based VPS. Since someone contact me at WebHostingTalk forum asking about the same problem so I decided to re-try again the steps to fix the problem. Hence I post it here too, for future and general purposes :)

ok, do this at your own risk :) backup your mysql data first!

the steps i do:

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