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High Capacity 2430mAh for HTC Desire HD is Fake

I have HTC Desire HD Android smartphone which is a great phone, I really love its big screen which make working with it is easy and pleasant. However, the big screen also have its negative impact to battery life. The original battery from HTC only have 1230mAh which hardly last for 1 day on normal usage. My normal usage would be: short phone calls, SMS, automatic email checking, chatting and play scrabble.

Last month I browsed eBay to look for a spare battery and found some seller sold 2430mAh high capacity battery for HTC Desire HD. By the number it should double the life battery expectancy. Interested, I bought one of them from a Hongkong seller. The Delivery was fast, it took 7 working days to arrive in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately the battery doesn’t deliver as I expect it would. The battery life is only 1 day, same with the original battery. But for US$ 10 with free shipping I wouldn’t complaint, I was pessimistic when bought it but decide to buy it anyway. Well.. at least I have spare battery now :)

HTC Desire HD Proximity Problem and How to Fix it

Just had my HTC Desire HD (or shortened as DHD) for a few months now, been happy using it but then I start to notice a problem with its proximity sensor.

Symptom: when making a short phone call the screen is dimmed and stays so for several minutes, this causes more battery usage. The bigger problem is when I make a long phone call, the screen went turned off after some period and didn’t come back on when I move away the phone from my face (while it should).

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