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Microsoft Release IE 8 Beta

Look like Microsoft doesn’t want to lose the browser competition with Mozilla’s Firefox. After the entire buzz about the new release of Firefox 3 beta 3, Microsoft soon releases its Internet Explorer 8 Beta. Users and web developers seem give Microsoft a great push to release the new browser sooner. Further more everybody expect that the new release will comply with the web standard, ex. Acid browser test.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

From Microsoft’s website, Internet Explorer 8 Beta will have these new features:
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Yahoo! Say No! To Microsoft

Just read ArsTechnica today and found out that Yahoo in the end say “no” to Microsoft $44.6 billion bid to take over Yahoo. The board member of Yahoo said that Microsoft’s offer is undervalued Yahoo.

After rejecting Microsoft’s offer, Yahoo still need to find a way to solve the problem. Another article said that Yahoo thinking about making cooperation with Google, to serve ads on Yahoo search page in exchange of big revenue from the advertiser. But then if this cooperation happens, Google will monopolize online advertising.

Yahoo!: Yahoo Always Have Other Options

With all the news on the internet about Microsoft will acquire Yahoo, I’m quite shocked. How come Yahoo can collapse? Some news site said that Yahoo can’t compete with Google on online advertising market.

Many people dislike the fact that Microsoft will buy Yahoo, I don’t really like it too. Most people concern about privacy, market domination, monopoly, etc. I think it’s true. If Microsoft does buy Yahoo, surely Microsoft will monopolize both desktop and internet as they have dominant MS Windows and Yahoo have lot users of Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail. Continue reading Yahoo!: Yahoo Always Have Other Options