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Minimum Install VNC Remote Desktop Server on Centos

I wrote an update for an article that i wrote a couple months ago here It’s a tutorial to install VNC on Linux Centos VPS. On that tutorial I was installing the group package of Gnome Desktop which will install all Gnome’s applications including Open Office. This of course requires a lot of space and RAM resources to be run on a VPS which most of the time we don’t need Open Office etc.

My self only use the VNC server that I installed in a VPS located in US datacenter to access some website which only available for US visitors. For browsing purposes I only need Gnome minimum install and Firefox browser and that is what I installed on this tutorial.

You can read my tutorial here: Minimum Install VNC Remote Desktop Server on Centos

Ubuntu 9.04 Keyboard Mapping Problem on Tight VNC

After logged in to VNC server, I get problem with the keyboard mapping on Ubuntu 9.04. When I type “abcdefghij” I get “asdfghjkl;“. After searching on Google, the problem was submitted as a bug and the work around is by adding:

In VNC’s xstartup file:  $HOME/.vnc/xstartup

You have to add the line export XKL_XMODMAP_DISABLE=1 before /etc/X11/Xsession or gnome-session (in case you use GNOME)

Install Tight VNC Server on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Previously I installed TightVNC server on Ubuntu 8.10 which I posted the tutorial here. Today I setup a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Ubuntu 9.04 installed (still haven’t got Ubuntu9.10 Xen template, so I didn’t install the latest version).

(Note: before you install TightVNC you have to install a window manager first, I use GNOME and the tutorial I wrote before is still working on Ubuntu 9.04, you can read it here)

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Installing Gnome and VNC Remote Desktop on Centos VPS

After writing a how-to on installing Gnome and VNC server on Ubuntu Linux, this time I blog on the same tutorial but now I use Centos 5.3 Linux.

It’s almost similar with Ubuntu, but on Centos we use YUM instead of apt-get command. Both package managers have its own fans, nevertheless both yum and apt-get deliver an easy to use package installer.

To read the how-to please go to: http://www.talk.web.id/2009/08/installing-vnc-remote-desktop-on-centos-vps/ as I write it for Talk Web ID. If you like the tutorial or have questions, please write on the comment box.