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Installing Squid NT on Windows 7

Squid is a caching proxy server that can help reduce internet bandwidth usage and improving response time of loading a website by caching and re-using frequently opened web page. Squid reduce the bandwidth usage and accelerate the website loading by caching static website objects such as images, flash objects and text files, with some modification Squid can cache larger files such as PDF, MP3, executables, flash videos, etc.

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Upgrade Path to Windows 7 Based on Upgrade Chart

After Microsoft announced the release schedule of Windows 7, a lot of tech site and bloggers post about the Windows 7 upgrade chart to be ridiculous and confusing like one here and here.

If you see the chart below, the question that rise is “why Windows Vista Basic/Home Premium users can upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate but not Windows 7 Professional?” others perhaps will ask “why Windows XP can’t be upgraded to Windows 7?” but in the case of Windows XP, I think the answer is because XP and 7 have a very big gap of architecture hence you can’t upgrade it. Continue reading Upgrade Path to Windows 7 Based on Upgrade Chart

Windows 7 Release Schedule Chart

We have been waiting for quite some time for the release of new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7. From their blog, Microsoft employee already post a blog post which explain the schedule of Windows 7.

Microsoft partners and MSDN/TechNet subscriber already can download the new Windows 7 by now. Below is the schedule chart of the release date.

Windows 7 Release Chart
Windows 7 Release Chart (click for bigger chart)

For us, customers, we must wait a little bit longer till October 22 :( but if you can’t wait that long you can download the Release Candidate version from Microsoft website.

Cheaper Windows 7 License with Family Pack

We all know that Microsoft Windows licenses are very expensive. If you go to Microsoft store, you can see that the price for Windows Home Premium full version is US$199.99 per license. The upgrade version wouldn’t be cheap either, it will cost you US$119.99 per license.

Most of computer users will have at least 2 computers, one PC and one Notebooks. If you have family, big chances you have more than 2 computers. If you buy the retail price of Windows 7 that would cost you more than US$ 200 just for the upgrade license. But there is a cheaper deal from Microsoft if you can wait a bit more. Continue reading Cheaper Windows 7 License with Family Pack