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HTC Touch HD Freezes and Crashed

Just experienced for the first time, my HTC Touch HD is crashed. The screen showing checkered boxes (black and white) and the phone is not responding when I tried to hard shutdown by press and holding the power button for several seconds.

I end up taking out the battery, wait a couple of seconds and then put it back and turn on the PDA phone. Touch HD works fine after the reboot, although it’s very strange that the phone is crashing right after I ended a phone call.

Upgrading Dopod 838 Windows Mobile 5 to WM6

It’s been a year I’ve own Dopod 838 PDA and I’m start to get bored with it because it’s quite old PDA. Other than that, its OS Windows Mobile 5 is very old too, so I search on the Internet to find how to upgrade its OS to Windows Mobile 6.

Note that Dopod 838 also known as HTC Wizards, I found a how to at XDA Developer’s wiki, with the article title: Wizard Windows Mobile 6 for newbies. The article in wiki gives us the step-by-step tutorial on how to flash the ROM and install the new OS.

The article didn’t give suggestion on what ROM is best to use, so I just browse the XDA forums and pick one. The one I choose is WM6 ROM by mfrazzz, which can be found here.

After upgrading the ROM I notice that my PDA is more stable, before it strangely soft resets it self randomly, but after I upgrade it, I didn’t notice any soft resets.

Note: Please do very careful when flashing your PDA’s ROM or you’ll make it an electronic junk :)

Hard Resetting Dopod 838

Last night I’m doing a hard reset on my dopod 838 PDA Phone. I do the hard reset because the PDA Phone has 2 problems which disturb me when using it. A hard reset will restore all PDA Phone setting to its default factory setting, so make sure you are backing up all your SMS, contacts, emails and files before you do hard reset because all of these will be deleted! Continue reading Hard Resetting Dopod 838

Got GPRS and Wi-Fi working on Dopod 838

After doing some reads on the manual and some trial and error, now the GPRS and Wi-Fi on my Dopod 838 can work.

On my Dopod 838 there is a program called “AutoConfig”, I use this program to configure the GPRS setting automatically. What I do is just select my mobile phone service provider from the list on AutoConfig and it will be start configuring the settings. It took a while for the configuring process finished and the PDA will need to be restarted.
After restarting the PDA all GPRS configuration are already set and I can start browsing the internet.

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Second Hand PDA Phone

Last night I went to Plasa Semanggi to meet a PDA owner that wants to sell his PDA. I saw his advertising on a forum on the Internet. After some negotiation about the price, we had a deal and set an appointment to meet.

Because I don’t have personal transportation so I do some social engineering :) to my colleague, Herru Purnomo to take me to Plasa Semanggi and he ‘voluntarily’ agree :))

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