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Registering 32-bit DLL on Windows Server SBS 2008 64-bit

Recently I’m installing a 32-bit application on a fresh installed Windows Server SBS 2008 which only comes in 64-bit version. This application that I’m installing is requiring a DLL file to be registered on the registry using the regsvr32 command.

Here comes the problem with registering 32-bit DLL since 32-bit application see different “system32” in Windows Server 64-bit. 32-bit application will see %windir%\syswow64 as their “system32” directory in 64-bit OS, while 64-bit application will use the %windir%\system32.

So to register the 32-bit DLL on 64-bit Windows Server we need to call the 32-bit version of regsvr32 which located on %windir%\syswow64, for example:

Changing Registered Owner and Organization on Windows XP and Windows Server

If you go to Control Panel > System you can see the information of windows registration owner and organization, you can change this information by editing the registry. These are the steps:

  1. Open RegEdit: Click on Start > Run… then type: regedit and click Ok
  2. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion
  3. Edit the value of RegisteredOrganization and RegisteredOwner

Squid Transparent Proxy Server on Windows Server 2003

In this article I’ll talk on how to setup a transparent proxy on Windows Server 2003 using Squid NT. Squid NT is a port from Linux base proxy server called Squid. I have successfully installed and configured Squid transparent proxy on Windows Server and here is how I do it.

Installing Squid NT is very easy, first you can download Squid NT here, and then you can follow my old tutorial here: http://markus.revti.com/2007/06/installing-squid-cache-for-windows/

Although installing Squid NT is easy, however configuring transparent proxy on Windows version of Squid is a bit tricky as Squid NT have its limitation. From Squid NT website it’s stated: “Transparent Proxy: missing Windows non commercial interception driver”. Continue reading Squid Transparent Proxy Server on Windows Server 2003

Changing Windows Server 2003 Administrator Password

It’s very easy to change Windows Server 2003 Administrator password if you have physical access to the server, you’ll need to press ctrl + alt + del and you’ll get some option buttons such as Lock Computer, Log Off, Shut Down, etc. on that window, click on Change Password to change your Administrator password (user that currently logged in, so you must log in as Administrator before you can change its password). Continue reading Changing Windows Server 2003 Administrator Password

Installing Squid Cache for Windows

Linux users mostly already know Squid proxy server as the best and most used proxy server. As on my previous post “Bandwidth Shaping Using Squid Cache and WIPFW” I need a free proxy server for my windows server. I found SquidNT which is ported from its Linux version by Guido Serassio.

You can download SquidNT from Acme Consulting’s website or here. If you want to do bandwidth shaping then you must download SquidNT with Delay Pool version. On this installation guide, I use the Delay Pool version as I want to do bandwidth shaping.

Continue reading Installing Squid Cache for Windows

Bandwidth Shaping Using Squid Cache and WIPFW

It’s been a few times I’m trying to find free proxy server and firewall for windows server on my office, but I haven’t found any luck until 3 days ago.

I have been stressed by colleagues that running bittorrent download or downloading big files using download manager in the office hours. Both torrent and download manager sucks all the bandwidth and causing other user nearly can’t even browse the web.

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