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Disabling Zimbra View Mail Button on Administrator Console

I’ve been searching for a solution to disable the “View Mail” button in Zimbra’s Administrator control panel. I think this “View Mail” button is not necessary and further more it is privacy breach as administrator can see all emails inside an email account.

The new version 6.0 Network Edition seems to be able to do that as it already has Role Based delegation. However, since there are only less than 10 persons that going to use the mail server, I don’t think NE edition is necessary for me.

Currently I’m testing the open source edition of Zimbra 6.0 and have been looking at its code, but unfortunately I can’t find a way to disable or at least hide that “View Mail” button.

I joined the Zimbra forum and shoot a question there but it seems the community has no idea either on how to disable it. Zimbra is open source so I think it should be able to be modified, it just a matter of removing a button from its GUI, it’s not changing the functionality of its core code.

I’ll spend some more time to investigate on how to do this and post the result on next blog post.